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Chalk Preschool: Free Online Curriculum

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About Chalk Preschool

“CHALK Preschool Online is based on the successful curriculum of CHALK’s brick and mortar locations. With 5 locations in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas, CHALK Preschools have been successfully preparing preschoolers since 2005.CHALK Preschool Online education goes far beyond pushing buttons on a computer. Hands-on activities take your preschooler exploring, both inside and outside. Guided by a real person on the website and with the help of family and friends, your preschooler will actually be applying what he or she learns to the real world through cooking lessons, nature walks, and artistic projects.”



– New lesson list everyday
– Hands – on learning activities daily ( Math, Science and Art)
– Printables
– Parent Portal (advice tips, parent learning videos, recipes and a material checklist.)

My adventurous and very active three year old son is just a few months shy of his fourth birthday and will be attending preschool in the fall. I would really like to spend much focus this summer on making sure he is familiar with his letters and numbers so that he enters preschool at a level he should be at. However, getting my rugged little guy to stop wrestling the cat and put down his monster trucks for some preschool lesson plans takes a bit of convincing. He seems to just adore learning and discovering new things, it’s just getting him engaged and focused that is the tough task. I decided to test the waters with an online preschool curriculum and see if this was something that was of interest to him. I was surprised to discover that he was actually instantly intrigued and very into learning all about his online classroom!


When logging into you account, you create a classroom based on your child’s birthday, that way all of the daily lessons are suited for their level of development. Each day is provided with daily lesson where my son can learn about important topics such as literacy, math, science, weather, and art. The videos are very upbeat and my son’s face lights up each time he gets to watch a new one. One of my son’s favorite places to visit on the Chalk Preschool website is the free play area. He really enjoys learning through song and I have always found this to be the best way to teach him new things. I was delighted to see that there are also printable for each lesson because my son is very hands on and has no problem getting those hands dirty for art lessons.


The website is extremely easy to navigate, simple enough that even my son knows where to click on videos and such. There are also none of those obnoxious pop ups and ads in the sidebars that distract your child from learning. The parent portal provides an abundance of tips and advice on some major issues that can arise during this age. It’s great to get new perspective and ideas on how to make day to day life and routines easier. Overall I was very impressed and after trying a handful of online curriculums with my oldest, I can really tell in comparison that this one is going to be effective for my son this summer.

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