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Made With Love Ceramic Imprints Review

A special thanks to Made With Love Ceramic Imprints for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review!

Made With Love Ceramic Imprints Review


About Made With Love

“Made With Love truly believes that the little moments in life make the end of our lives worthwhile.  Life is too short, our children grow up too fast, and we never want to take this journey in life for granted. We understand that capturing your child’s hand and footprints is extremely special – it is a moment you can never buy back.  And this is the reason why our business is Made With Love … because that is EXACTLY what we do.  Each individual handprint plaque is carefully hand-crafted, and more importantly, a lot of LOVE is put into every keepsake that is created.”

My Review

My eight year old daughter recently celebrated her eighth birthday and as I flipped through old photo albums, I could not believe how much she had grown. Her baby book was filled with memories that seemed so long ago and those tiny little foot prints were now big enough to fit in a size 2 shoes. As my three year old son was nearing his fourth birthday, it became even more clear to me that my children were growing up right before my eyes. It wasn’t until we welcomed our baby girl at the end of July that it became even more obvious how grown up they had gotten and I could not remember them being that little! I had the very special opportunity to preserve a small hand print of my son, prior to his fourth birthday and the baby being born. This was a very special treat for him as we began preparing for a new baby and his fourth birthday party. Before life got too overwhelming and hectic, I wanted to slow down for a moment and take some time with my son to create a lifelong treasure that would allow us to look back at the days he was little. Thanks to the wonderful Made With Love Ceramic Imprint, I was able to personalize and design a beautiful piece that I could have to remind myself of his once tiny three year old hand. The customer service was impeccable and they made sure I understood the entire ordering process, even going so far as to send an email and further instruct me on how to improve an option I chose so that I wouldn’t be disappointed with the final project. I ultimately went with their suggestion and was thankful that they had taken the time to explain things to me so my ceramic imprint would come out perfect!

Made with love ceramic imprints review

When you visit the Made With Love website, you are taken through a step by step ordering process which allows you to customize each and every detail. There are options to customize the shape, colors, ribbon and design, as well as an actual picture of each option so you know exactly what you are choosing, no surprises! After placing your order, they will send you a kit in order to make an impression of your child’s hand/foot print in the convenience of your home. They include everything you need to safely ship it back to them and then they spend the next 8-10 weeks putting meticulous detail into creating your ceramic. This may seem like a long time, but let me tell you, it is absolutely worth the wait! Their work is amazing and they honestly provided me with a flawless ceramic that was much more beautiful than I could have imagined!

Made With Love Ceramic Imprints Review

Just look at how beautiful this ceramic imprint is, I am so blown away by their work! My son was even more excited than I was when he first saw this and I explained to him that it was his hand print. I placed the ceramic on the decor table in the hallway, which is at is height level, and I will catch him running past it, only to turn around and place his hand on top of it. I have never asked him what it is he is thinking when he does this, I enjoy the happiness on his face too much to ask and risk embarrassing him (you know how sensitive little ones can be!) I like to think that maybe he is checking to see if his hand has grown, or he is just amazed that he can fit his hand perfectly into the imprint. Either way it has just brought a lot of joy to both my son and I and I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to review this wonderful service!

Made With Love Ceramic Imprints Review

There are so many options and variations available at the Made With Love website, I highly suggest you visit them today and see everything they have to offer. Something like this is going to last forever, certainly not something that will collect dust or get lost over the years! I highly recommend this company if you are considering creating a special piece to remember your children when their hands and feet were small!

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