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The Kissing Bandit Review

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“The Kissing Bandit opens with a dapper Professor Roade warning the reader that Edora, an exuberantly expressive girl, is looking for kids to kiss. He tells us that she is from a cold, boring, gray land called Blah, but that she left because she never fit in and wanted to shower kids who love to giggle and laugh with lots of kisses! After sharing a few more clues on how the reader can recognize the Kissing Bandit, Professor Roade reveals a surprise…he is Edora in disguise! For the rest of the book, Edora—with the help of the accompanying hand puppet—delights in kissing the reader on the elbow, the back of the neck, the bottom of the feet, and more ticklish spots! Completely spent, Edora ends by thanking the reader for a wonderful “kiss fest” and remarks that she sure will sleep well tonight…”

My Review

Reading in an important part of childhood and I try my best to make sure we read at least one book a day, despite how hectic our days may get. My oldest daughter has been fascinated by books since the moment she could first pick them up and that love and passion has never left her. She would love to read each and every book she can get her hands on and we have spent countless hours enjoying great stories together. My four year old son on the other hand would rather I read the same old pirate book over and over… refusing to read anything else or I shall face his infamous tantrum! I have discovered that I am able to persuade him to read different books if they require him to do something along with the book. That is what intrigued me most about The Kissing Bandit book and I knew upon reading the description that this was exactly what my son would love to read! The adorable and fun reversible puppet was just what my son needed to intrigue and inspire him to fully engage in this book and read along with me.


“Accompanying the book is a unique hand puppet that easily reverses from one character to the other and back again. You’ll narrate the first half of the book as Professor Roade, and then at the right moment—the book provides prompts—you’ll turn the puppet inside out revealing Edora. That’s when the kisses begin!”


The high resolution images were absolutely beautiful and my son found himself instantly entranced by the magical colors. What really put a smile of excitement on his face was being able to hold the puppet as we read the story and played out the scenes. The shock on his face when we got to the part of the book where we had to switch to the other puppet was priceless and something he was thrilled about! Being four is pretty tough and my son is still learning how to express his feeling and emotions and quite often finds himself frustrated and upset when he can not. This book is a wonderful way to cheer him up, show him how much I love him with endless kisses, all while teaching him that he will never be too old for my love. When the story is over and we are ready to continue on our day in a much happier outlook on life, the book and puppet can conveniently be stored in the box. My son keeps this on a special shelf in his room and considers it a treasure, something he runs to immediately when I ask him which book he would like to read. This has been the perfect addition to our collection and I could not be more pleased with the amount of smiles it has brought to my son’s face!


The 33-page book is full of fun and adorable illustrations of the story’s two main characters, Professor Roade and Edora, over high-resolution photograph and illustration backdrops. The crisp, vivid picture backgrounds draw a gorgeous contrast with the playful antics and expressions of Roade and Edora.”


If you would like to purchase this amazing Kissing Bandit book and puppet for yourself, you can visit the Kickstarter campaign today to reserve one!

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