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Luxury Candles That Contain Hidden Jewelry!

A special thanks to Daniellas Candles for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review! 

I have always loved candles and it is a rare occasion not to smell one burning in my home! There is something about candles that give your house a more relaxing feeling, plus it keeps it smelling fresh as well! With fall season right around the corner, I start stocking up, as we burn a lot more candles during those cooler months. I recently discovered an amazing brand of candles that I have been burning every single day the past few weeks. Not only so they fill my home with spectacular scents, but they also come with a surprise! I have always wondered about these hidden jewelry candles and am thrilled to share with you today my personal experience.

Luxury Candles That Contain Hidden Jewelry!

There are dozens up dozens candles to choose from, I have the pleasure of trying out five and was not disappointed with any of them. Each one provided a strong aroma and left my home smelling great. There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a candle that you can barely smell while it burs… that is not something you have to worry with Daniella’s Candles. They are literally the first thing I can smell when I open my front door.

Luxury Candles That Contain Hidden Jewelry!

What makes these better than your average candle you typically own is that they contain  contain a hidden jewelry valued between $20 to $1000. I felt like a little kid waiting until I could finally discover what hidden treasure awaited me in the candle. I would get so excited when the foil envelope would first begin showing. I was surprised to find that even my children looked forward to discovering the hidden jewelry and would all sit around and wait for me to open the envelope!

Luxury Candles That Contain Hidden Jewelry!

If you are ready to stock up for the fall season and fill your home with amazing fragrances that come from quality soy candles… PLUS enjoy the excitement of discovering luxury jewelry, I highly encourage you to look around the Daniella’s Candles website and take a look around! The prices are affordable and comparable to candles you would purchase at a brick a mortar store, the quality is superb and the added experience of the surprise jewelry is what will keep me purchasing more!

Luxury Candles That Contain Hidden Jewelry!

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