Lily The Lovable Lamb: A Bluetooth Enabled Interactive Plush Toy

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Lily The Lovable Lamb: A Bluetooth Enabled Interactive Plush Toy #BluebeePals

About Bluebee Pals

Bluebee Pals are huggable plush toys that sing, read and answers phone calls. Our advanced technology includes lip synchronization which allows the animal’s “mouth” to move while your singing, reading your favorite storybooks or learning apps. Surprise and entertain your family and friends when you use your Bluebee Pal as a wireless speaker phone!

Lily The Lovable Lamb: A Bluetooth Enabled Interactive Plush Toy #BluebeePals

Both my eight year old daughter and four year old son utilize their iPads on a daily basis, I could not imagine our everyday life without them. Because of modern technology they are able to learn while on the go, Skype with family across the country and complete homework assignments from anywhere. We are always looking for ways to enhance our fun with the iPads and have tested out a few items, but nothing quite like the Bluebee Pals. The kids were so excited once the adorable, soft and snugly Lily the lovable lamb arrived. In all honesty they would have been content with just giving it cuddles and adding it to their collection of favorite stuffed animals. When I informed them that they could use their iPads to make the lamb come alive, their eyes lit up with excitement. Set up was extremely simple and all that it was required was to hook Lily up to my laptop and allow her time to charge up. Once she was finally ready we pressed the connect button on her ear, entered the settings on my son’s iPad and connected it through bluetooth. I excitedly went to the iTunes library and played the first song on the list and sure enough… Lily’s mouth started moving to the lyrics of the song! All three of us immediately began laughing uncontrollably and we spent the next hour plating all our favorite songs. Your Bluebee pal can also make phone calls, which was so much fun for the kids when they called their father at work. Lily’s mouth moves when whomever is on the phone talks, this never gets old for the kids!

Overall we were very pleased with Lily the Lovable Lamb and my kids just adore her and all the fun they can have. Taking a look at the image below you will see several of the free kids apps Bluebee Pals recommends for using with your pal.  Bluebee Pals is available at Toys ‘r Us this holiday season.  You can find all of the lovable Bluebee Pals on their website, just in time for Christmas!

Lily The Lovable Lamb: A Bluetooth Enabled Interactive Plush Toy #BluebeePals

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