Keep Your Home Clean by Dividing It up Into Sections

Keep Your Home Clean by Dividing It up Into SectionsWhen it comes to cleaning, we could all use any and every help available, especially if it’s going to make the whole process easier. If you don’t have much time to clean your apartment thoroughly in one swoop, then it is a good idea to break the work into several sequences, to get more things done as you go. Dividing your home into sections that need to be cleaned will give you perspective on how much work you’ve got in store for you and how much time you need to do it. Here is a system that might help.

The Number Seven Rule

There are seven days in a week and that is how many sections you need to have in your apartment or house. This way you can focus on one area of your home specifically and get it in order. The general rule is to spend one hour in each section, but if you can’t get it all tidy in one hour, then expand your system, have more sections and spend more than seven days to get things in order. Think about how much time you’ll need to clean every area of your house, some might take twenty minutes, others two hours, so organize wisely.

Stick to Your Schedule

It’s going to be very easy to decide not to clean today because you’re too tired or you have better things to do. However, since this is a whole cleaning system, not following it through will mean you broke the rules you decided you need to have in a first place, which won’t make you feel good.

You’ve got seven sections and seven days, and you can definitely find an hour of your time to dedicate to the place in which you spend so much of your time. The idea here is to clean a bit every day so that you don’t have to spend your weekend knee-deep in dirty laundry that simply lies around all over your house during the week. Organized cleaning will make your life so much easier and as you become accustomed to this seven-section system, cleaning a bit every day will become your second nature and not a hassle.

Use Cleaning Hacks to Speed the Work Along

There are countless cleaning tricks and tips that you can use to make any type of the cleaning fast and easy and what’s more important, you don’t have to get yourself elbow-deep in dirt and grime. Alternatively, there are many websites like that allow you to get some cleaning help as soon as you need it.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your kitchen sink clean, which can be quite a challenge, first wash it with water and soap, then spray white vinegar, followed by hydrogen peroxide all over it and leave it to dry. After that, all you need to do is rinse thoroughly.

When you want to make sure that your sponge is disinfected and good to use, make sure to squeeze all the liquid out and put in in your microwave for a minute, at the highest temperature. It will get rid of the bacteria and you can use it freely.

If you don’t like all that static electricity that you get from your clothes after it comes out of the dryer, there’s a simple solution. Use ¼ cup of white vinegar and add it to the rinse cycle, and when you transfer your clothes to the dryer, put in a couple of clean tennis balls in too – the static electricity will be gone.

Dividing your home into cleaning sections and using hacks and tricks to make everything shine will make every chore much easier to do. Give the section system a try, chances are, you will be pleasantly surprised by your progress.


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  1. White vinegar and baking soda are two of the best cleaners you can find in your home. They work almost on every possible stain.

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