5 Quick and Easy Tips to Simplify Spring Cleaning

Early spring is a great time to clean your home from top to bottom to get rid of all that dust and clutter that collected over the winter months and to prepare for the summer. After all, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a seriously clean house, where everything is put away and thoroughly washed, scrubbed, dusted and de-cluttered.

Transforming your entire home into a clean and organized haven can quickly begin to feel overwhelming, however, which is why for some it can be best to choose a house cleaning San Antonio company (or cleaning service in your area) and hire in some help.

Here are a few tips that have helped me with my spring cleaning projects year after year:

Stay organized with labels

Use color-coded labels to help you stay organized, especially when you’re going through old drawers, closets or even entire rooms. One method that’s worked for me is to buy stickers or tape in four different colors, and use these colors to help visualize which items you want to keep, and what can be donated, recycled, or thrown away.

Make a checklist

When it comes to spring cleaning, every room in the house needs to be examined. Keep yourself from getting overwhelmed by creating a room-by-room checklist (you can find lots of examples online). Just don’t try to tackle too much at once! If you find that you do not have time to complete everything on the checklist, there is always the option to hire help. You can see also EMAB Cleaning Services for further details. 

Get the whole family involved

Make spring cleaning fun for kids by giving them tasks and responsibilities they’ll enjoy. For instance, in order to decide which clothes have been outworn and can be donated, have your kid put on a fashion show – the items that do not make the cut can go straight to Goodwill.

Pay attention to the products you pick out

It’s always tempting to just buy whatever’s on sale, but when it comes to spring cleaning it’s a good idea to pay closer attention to the cleaning products you buy due to this one simple truth: You’ll be more excited to clean if you’re excited about the products you’re cleaning with!

If you buy a new Febreze fragrance you haven’t tried before, for example, you’ll be excited to spray your home with the new scent. You might even find that the whole cleaning process is more enjoyable when you have something to look forward to at the end.

Distract yourself

Some people just do not like to clean, and that’s perfectly fine. If you struggle to find joy in cleaning, then find ways to distract yourself from the chores at hand. Listen to your favorite playlist or put on a movie in the background; the more you distract yourself while doing mindless tasks like mopping and vacuuming, the faster it’ll get done!

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