Ideas For The Perfect Girls Night In

This post was contributed by Sophia Matthews.


There is often nothing nicer than getting the girls together for a night in; quite often it’s more enjoyable than a night out and less expensive too! If you are planning on organizing a girls night and want some useful ideas to make it a bit different, these handy tips should help ensure your night in is one to remember for all your favorite ladies.

Cocktails and Cupcakes

Without a doubt, two of the most loved treats amongst females are cocktails and cupcakes, so why not incorporate these into your girls’ night in? You can take turns to create your favorite cocktails and try out some new ideas too. Cupcakes are relatively easy to make so you may want to prepare these in advance of your girls arriving or get everyone involved and make some more interesting creations.

Movie Night

A good idea for a girl’s night in is to get a list of all the classics your friends love and make a movie night out of it. You might want to choose from the favorites such as Dirty Dancing and Top Gun, with some more recent additions added to the mix. Your friends will love the opportunity to unwind and relax in front of a good movie with some popcorn and good company. What more could you ask for from your night in?


Most of us love a night out at the casino, but we often don’t really have the disposable income to do it. A good alternative is to create your very own casino for friends to enjoy, without having to leave the house. You can create different tables, including poker and make your very own handmade poker chips. As the game has several variants, it will ensure your friends are never left feeling bored. You can also incorporate other favorites, including roulette and black jack into your casino night. A few cocktails and casino games is an innovative way to spice up your girls night in.

Clothes Swap

Why not incorporate your love of shopping into your girls’ night with a clothes swap evening? Most of us have clothes lying in our wardrobe which we either don’t like or can’t fit into, but we have never quite got round to throwing out. Invite your friends to bring round all the clothes they no longer want and you can swap with each other to create a brand new wardrobe, without spending a penny! The more friends you have round the better for this choice of girls’ night as you’ll have much more options to choose from. This is retail therapy at its finest!

A girls night in is always good fun but with these ideas you have can put a different twist into your night. No matter what choice you opt for, you can guarantee that you will have lots of fun and laughter with the ladies in your life with these ideas. You don’t need to spend much either, which is always a benefit.

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