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College Kids Not Only Break the Bank but Also Break Their Phones – Win $500! from Gazelle

Have you ever suffered the horrible sinking feeling in your stomach when your phone flies out of your hand and splashes into the toilet or smashes to pieces on the ground? You’re not alone. Gazelle, the leading consumer electronics trade-in site, announced its annual Klutziest Places in America list. The list is compiled based on the percentage of broken devices Gazelle received from various regions throughout the country. Notably six of the top 10 Klutziest Cities are college towns, with the University of Texas (College Station, TX) at number 1, Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ) at number 2, University of North Carolina-Wilmington (Wilmington, NC) at number 3, University of Florida (Gainesville, FL) at number 6, Tulane University (New Orleans, LA) at number 9, and Texas Tech (Lubbock, TX) at number 10 all appearing on the list. The other 4 cties rounding out the top 10 were Shreveport, LA at number 4, Charleston, SC at number 5, Pensacola, FL at number 7, and Fayetteville, NC at number 8. iPhones, especially older iPhones, like the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4, were the broken phones most frequently traded-in. Gazelle’s service is particularly useful for college students, who are often cash-strapped and could use the extra $100 or more. Gazelle also announced the launch of its annual broken phone contest, inviting people to share their broken phone stories, for the chance to win $500. To enter the contest, and to read the rules and guidelines, visit the following link: broken phone contest. Have a broken device at home? Check to see what your broken device can get you at Gazelle! Additionally, because you are a valued reader of this site, if you click through to Gazelle you will earn an extra $10 on any one item with a trade in value of $25 or more! (Offer expires 2/28) Visit Gazelle today, and see what your device is worth!

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