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Freya Intensive Anti-Aging Serum Review

A special thanks to Freya for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their product for free in exchange for an honest review!

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Freya Intensive Anti-Aging Serum Review

Product Description

Experience the game-changing power of the LEXA™ complex in this, Freya’s most potent regenerative serum. By harnessing the best of Scandinavian BioMarine research, the Intensive Anti-Aging serum serves as an optimal tool to rebuild, restore, and revitalize skin on a cellular level.

Freya Intensive Anti-Aging serum contains the most powerful concentration of Nano-Encapsulated Marine Omega-3, the uniquely preserved and singularly pure ingredient which allows for reduced inflammation, heightened elasticity, and visibly improved skin tone.

Skin is supple. Radiant. Visibly transformed.


  • dramatic visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • improved skin tone, reducing redness and the appearance of age spots
  • imparts an ageless radiance and luminosity








My Review

A mother of two children and one on the way, it’s no secret that my skin is showing signs of sleepless nights and stress.  I love trying out new skin care products and have come to favor ones that my skin can absorb easily. I suffer from mild eczema and am very sensitive to most skin care products, however this serum caused me no discomfort. My skin also had no problems absorbing the serum, nor did it leave a greasy feeling on my face. I was also blessed/cursed with a strong sense of smell and become easily bothered by unpleasant smells. I was delighted upon using Freya Intensive Anti-Aging Serum for the first time and discovering it had an amazing scent! I was also able to only use a small amount of the serum in order to cover my entire face, meaning this product is defiantly going to get much use from it!

You know the saying that “pregnant women glow” when they are expecting? That has never been the case for me and here I am, almost 5 months pregnant, once again suffering the dreadful pregnancy acne. My skin completely transforms while I am pregnant and I am constantly battling to give it a more healthy and vibrant look. The Freya serum has really given me back that healthy skin I previously had and I am over the moon excited! Overall I have found this product to be effective, efficient and something I would highly recommend to my fans. 

Freya Intensive Anti-Aging Serum Review


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