Fun Family Stories

I Wish the Summer Fun Would Never End

We enjoyed a beautiful day at a local water park this Saturday! The weather was perfect and the water park wasn’t a bit over crowded, we couldn’t have asked for a better day! My daughter and my husband spent some time on the big water slides while my son and I enjoyed the kid area. We soon realized that our two year old was much intrigued by the big slides and decided to take him down one. I have never heard my son laugh so hard in my entire laugh! People everywhere were effected by his contagious laughter and our son’s excitement to go on the slide again. We spent over an hour enjoying the slides as a family and laughing until our sides hurt. As the park began to clear and closing time neared, we found ourselves relaxing in the wave pool for the remainder of the time. What a wonderful day spent with my family! I hope you all enjoyed your Saturday!


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