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How To Use 2018 Colour Of The Year: Rugs

How To Use 2018 Colour Of The Year: RugsDulux revealed their colour of the year for 2018 and it was met with a warm reception in the interior design world. Compared with colour of the year 2017, Denim Drift, this years colour seems to stay within a similar shade palette. 2018’s colour, Heart Wood, is a stunningly warm, subdued blush pink with mauve undertones. This colour is gorgeously delicate and is perfect for those ever popular Scandinavian and rustic homes. A great way of introducing and complementing these designs is with the use of a rug. So, just how can you use Heart Wood when it comes to rugs in your home?

 Best Colour Matches

The beauty of this colour is its versatility. Heart Wood has soft taupe and mauve undertones that means it can sit perfectly with a wide range of colour palettes. When it comes to looking for a rug, think of browsing colours such as beiges, creams and whites. These softer combinations create a relaxed atmosphere in a room, so would look incredible when used in lounges or bedrooms. These colour rugs are a sound investment thanks to their wide applications. Beige or cream rugs can be used as part of nearly any design scheme, so can be easily incorporated in future interior projects in your home. If beige isn’t your style, try instead a duck egg blue or similar pastel shade.

 Darker Combinations

If you’re not about those muted looks, you’ll be pleased to know that Heart Wood can be used harmoniously alongside darker, more dramatic colours. Consider using navy blues, gun metal greys and even some lighter shades of black. These are excellent colours for rugs since they show up imperfections far less easily. Those odd wine stains or muddy footprints won’t cause any long-term superficial damage. While neutral colours remain homeowners go-to favourites, the interiors world is slowly moving away from that lighter palette in favour of deeper, richer tones. So if you want a rug that holds future promise in terms of style, darker rugs are a fabulous steal.

 Surprising Tones

If you’ve still not heard anything you fancy you might be surprised to learn some of the slightly more alternative choices. Because of Heart Wood’s musky undertones it work nicely with mustard yellows and even some shades of green. This gives a slightly more Spring inspired look that is great for a fresh pop of colour that breathes life in to your home. Use these colours sparingly however, as when used over the expanse of a rug they can become a little intense. The size of the room and rug are crucial for these colours, so be realistic with the space you have available.

 This is a gorgeous colour that is sure to take over the interiors world with ease thanks to its wide appeal. Heart Wood has an unbelievable range when it comes to design, so finding your perfect rug with this in mind is incredibly easy. Married perfectly with metallic accessories and detailed textures, Heart Wood is the colour for your home in 2018.

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