Roof Replacement: 10 Signs That Now Is the Time For Your Colorado Home

There are many reasons why a roof is an essential part of your Colorado home. For starters, a roof can significantly affect the overall theme and aesthetics of your home and property. It can protect you and your family from harsh weather conditions and keep all of your valuables safe and secured. But just like anything else in this world, your roof can’t last forever. There will always come a time when you’ll have to call professionals and have your roof replaced. Calling Denver Roofing Companies is a great option and a cost-effective solution over time.

Although costly, roof replacement shouldn’t be disregarded. Continually using a broken or damage roof doesn’t only become an eyesore to your property but it can also cause injuries and accidents to the household. The longer you wait to have your roof replaced, the higher the expenses you’ll have to pay, as well. You can steer away from this direction by determining the signs that your roof needs roof replacement which can include:


  1. Your attic isn’t as functional as before.

Your roof can be visible when you’re outdoors, but this doesn’t mean that it’s the only place you can check if you need a new roof. Most often than not, you can start your search inside your home, specifically in your attic. The attic is the closest area to your roof which means that the condition of your attic can say a lot about the condition of your roof.

Take your time to visit your attic and check for any beams of light coming through the top of the house or for any stains or streaks. If you see any of these, regardless of how small, it’s a telltale sign that your roof has a leak and should be replaced immediately. Over time, these leaks can create significant damage to your roof and attic, as well.


  1. Your roof will celebrate its 20th or 25th birthday.

There are a lot of ways to determine if you should get a new roof but the easiest would probably be checking on your home improvement records. Look for these documents and check how long you have been using your roof. An asphalt shingle roof can have a lifespan of 25 years while a roof which is installed over a layer of shingles has 20 years. Call to determine which type of roof you’re using right now and assess when were these installed.


  1. Your shingles are no longer in tiptop shape.

Shingles make up your roof. Its appearance is a reflection of the condition of your roof. This is one of the reasons why you should regularly check your shingles. Climb up your roof and assess how the shingles are. Are they cracked, damaged or buckling? Are there any missing shingles on your roof? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it means that you should have a new roof installed right away.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check for any shingle granules in your gutters and downspouts. Seeing a lot of shingle granules can indicate that your roof is losing strength and durability. You should check for these signs especially if a storm hit your area.

  1. Your roof is already rotting.

Aside from looking into your attic and the roof itself, how your roof is on the inside can also give you an idea of you should consider using a new roof. And if you’re seeing that your roof is already sagging or rotting, without a doubt, you need a new roof. A sagging roof means that moisture has already seeped in and continually using one can be useless. This kind of roof can also pose safety and health risks to everyone in the household. You don’t want any of these to happen, right?


  1. You are seeing a lot of houseplants on your roof.

Seeing greeneries on your property is a good thing as it can add appeal to your property. And while seeing this kind of view on your roof might be pleasing, it’s not always a good thing. When you start to see moss on your roof, no matter how little, start to scout for roofing contractors who can replace your existing roof. Moss and other types of houseplants need moisture to grow. And if they’re already starting to crawl on your roof, it’s a good sign that moisture is already on your roof and it no longer has any durability. Using a weak roof can make your home susceptible to more significant damages especially if your location is usually hit by storms. 


  1. Your chimney is already flashing.

Depending on the architecture of your home, your roof might have several parts namely a chimney. Aside from adding functionality to your home, a chimney can also be an indicator of your roof’s overall condition. This is the reason why it’s also critical to check your chimney whenever you’re checking your roof. If your chimney is already flashing roof cement or tar, obviously, you need to replace this with a water-tight fitting roof. Remember, your roof covers the entirety of your chimney so having a weak roof can also mean a weak chimney.


  1. You’re paying more for your energy bills – and you don’t have any idea why.

As a homeowner, you’ll have a lot of things on your plate. You’ll have to think about the maintenance of your home and property, along with the renovations you might have along the way. But usually, when you’re a homeowner, you’ll also be stressed about your energy bills, especially if these suddenly skyrocket when everyone in the home uses electricity in the same frequency. In situations like these, you can consider your roof as the culprit. If your roof has any leaks, your air conditioning and heating fixtures might need to work harder in order to provide comfort for you and your family. This can result in higher electricity bills.


  1. You have unwanted animals leaving with you in your home.

Seeing squirrels running around can be an entertaining sight to see. With their cute little mouth and fluffy tails, it’s not difficult to grow fond of these little rodents. However, when rodents become occupants on your home, that’s another story. If you’ve noticed squirrels in your home, especially in your attic, replace your roof as soon as possible. The presence of these rodents can mean a lot of things but all pointing out to how damaged your roof is. When squirrels are already living with you, it might mean that your roof has a hole – how else can they get in, right? Plus, since these rodents will also need water to live, seeing them in your home can also mean that moisture has already seeped in your roof. This can cause significant damage and weaken the structure of your home.


  1. Your home shows evidence of water damage.

Your roof is important because aside from the benefits it provides, it has access to all of the rooms in your home. Your bedroom, kitchen and dining area will share the same roof. Because of this, expect that you will notice different signs of roof damage in different parts of your home. Is there a dripping sound on your living area? Are there any water stains in the exterior and interior walls of your home? Is the paint in your dining room’s ceiling chipped? If you answered “yes” to any of these, you might have a leak in your roof. The materials in your roof might already be wet, and the signs you’re seeing are the aftereffects.


  1. You’re seeing ice dams at the edge of your roof every winter.

Ice in winter is normal, but ice dams in the edge of your roof isn’t. If you’re seeing these ice dams, you should replace your roof as this is a sign of ventilation. This happens because when your roof is not well-ventilated, the heat from your attic can melt all the snow in your roof. As a result, the snow melts on the edge of your roof and into your gutters, giving the cold air the chance to freeze all of these quickly. Once these ice dams are already on your roof, the next wave of melted snow will back up and freeze, too. This process creates hanging icicles.

The water from these ice dams can melt and will soak inside the materials of your roof. When this happens, it’ll only be a matter of time before you need to call professionals for a roof replacement.

The earlier, the better

Your home is your most significant investment that’s why as a homeowner, you’d want to utilize it for the longest time possible. You’ve probably a lot of time and effort in saving, selecting and buying the right home. If you want to achieve this goal, start by paying attention to your roof’s condition. This might only be one part of your entire property but leaving any damages unfixed can result in more significant problems which can adversely affect the longevity of your home. Let this article help you avoid any of these situations by determining the earliest signs of roof replacement needs.  

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