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How To Score A Box Of Free Samples Each Month

A special thanks to PINCHme for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a box of samples for free in exchange for an honest review!

How To Score A Box Of Free Samples Each Month

I discovered PINCHme when it first launched and at first I was in complete disbelief when signing up, I wasn’t fully convinced that I would receive a box of free samples just for giving my opinions. But then my first box of samples arrived and I found myself a little less skeptical. After trying out all of the samples, I returned to the PINCHme website and gave my ratings and reviews for all of the products I received. The following month I chose my free samples on the website and sure enough… my second box arrived! Could this be true? Was this a legitimate free sample website that truly provided me with free samples in exchange for my opinions… no stings attached? YES, it really is! I have received a box of free samples for many months now and in the process have discovered so many products that I love and continue to use. I could not keep this secret to myself and just had to share it with my fans! So lets take a look at the bundle of samples in this months box!

How To Score A Box Of Free Samples Each Month

PINCHme has a variety of product samples available for the entire family to enjoy, including food, health and hygiene products… plus things available for your baby or pet! Members are able to claim samples every month and in return, all they ask is for feedback on your experience. As you can see from the image above, there are a variety of lotions, sunblock, soaps and more for the entire family to test out. This is such a great way to try products out before deciding to purchase them.

How To Score A Box Of Free Samples Each Month

I was thrilled to discover some products to try out with my 14 month old daughter. I am always seeking quality and affordable diapers and prior to this did not realize this brand was available. I was so pleased with these diapers and if not for this free sample, I may have never discovered they existed! My daughter was personally quite pleased with the Enfamil milk drink and we will defiantly be grabbing some the next time we are at the grocery store.

How To Score A Box Of Free Samples Each Month

Hygiene products are personally my favorite type of sample to receive! Let’s face it, women’s hygeine products are not cheap and I dislike when I spend money on a product… only for it to be terrible, what a waste of money. These free samples are a generous amount of product and contain more than enough for me to get a good feel of whether or not I like the product. I have had time this week to try out all three of these products and was so pleased, especially the Playtex sport combo. The Act mouth wash was a new flavor that I have not yet tried and I was very happy with it!

How To Score A Box Of Free Samples Each Month

Pez Heads… oh how we love them! We have tried this in the past and the kids and I love them, we were all very excited to see them in the box of samples… especially little miss Adeline!

How To Score A Box Of Free Samples Each Month

I am a huge cat lover and have two adorable and sweet cats that I enjoy spoiling! I bring them home treats each time I am at the grocery store and I always seem to purchase the same items. Have you seen the cat aisle lately? The options are overwhelming! That is why samples are the best way to find out which treats your beloved cat will enjoy. I have also been in a bit of dilemma lately when it comes to cat litter, I have been very unhappy with the last three brands I have purchased. The Tidy Cats sample could not have arrived at a better time, I have officially found a cat litter that I love.

How To Score A Box Of Free Samples Each Month

How To Score A Box Of Free Samples Each Month

If you are a sample addict such as myself and love trying out products before purchasing them, I highly suggest you check out PINCHme today! This month they are launching some great full-size Baby samples for expecting and new moms to try!

Gerber® Good Start® Gentle for Supplementing Formula:

  • Designed to complement breastmilk for babies 0 – 12 months
  • Gentle nutrition designed to complement the digestive benefits of breastmilk
  • Perfect for expecting moms in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters, getting ready for their newborn

Enfagrow® Next Step™ Milk Drink:

  • Great-tasting, milk-based drinks perfect for moms with toddlers 1 year and up
  • Nutritious alternative to milk with DHA and iron to support brain development

To be eligible for samples please make sure your profile is complete and in order to see these baby samples you must indicate a due date that falls from late November to early January in the ‘You & Your Family’ profile section. This is by far the best free samples website I have ever signed up for and I promise, you will not be disappointed!

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