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How To Save Money If You Live In A Rural Area

Living in a rural area can be peaceful and very relaxing but it has been said that there is sometimes a cost involved in opting for a setting in the country. But there are ways that living in the countryside you can still manage to save money, lets take a look at how this is possible.

Grocery Delivery

Often you will live a reasonable distance from the nearest supermarket and this can mean a huge cost involved in getting grocery shopping as firstly the fuel cost of the drive can really add up and even the time taken out of your schedule. You can save money by buying online as you can stick to your budget much more easily and reduce the occurrence of impulse purchases. You can also get a cheap delivery slot if you can choose the quieter ones.

Home Bills

As you are in a rural property it can easily mean high bills, especially if you don’t have a gas line and rely on oil or coal for heat. But it’s key to check your electricity provider and you can easily do a quick energy comparison to make sure you’re getting the best deal. It’s also important to make sure you are on the best broadband deal as it’s easy to get stuck on a high cost contract as over time as they upgrade rural lines then it’s possible better types of connection become available after you move in.

Grow Your Own Vegetables

One great advantage of having the extra space that comes with a rural property is that you can use some of that land for uses such as growing your own vegetables. Not only does this make great use of the space but cuts down on having to create other garden space and the intensive and costly landscaping costs associated with it. There are plenty of easy to grow vegetables at home such as salad stuffs, potatoes and a variety of peas and beans. Not only is it a real cost saving to be able to grow your own, you can also be completely sure that the produce is organic and fresh ensuring that it is as healthy as you can get. It’s unlikely you could be completely self-sufficient as this requires over 75,000 sq feet of land for a family of 4 but it’s a great start.

Renewable Energy

With more space available at and around a rural property then installing renewable energy sources could be a great way of saving money such as solar panels which will be a great saver in more ways than one, it can save you a huge amount on electricity bills but also a little known fact is that you can actually sell excess energy back to the grid to make a profit on those busy periods. You can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re not only saving money but doing your bit for the environment as well.


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