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How to Look Stylish Without Breaking the Bank

How to Look Stylish Without Breaking the Bank

Fashion is always a top priority for us moms. We need to look fresh all the time and not give people the impression that we’re always stressed out by our household responsibilities.

Still, it’s worth noting that fashion nowadays doesn’t come cheap. How many times have you gone to the mall and saw a dress you like? Didn’t you have an impulse to buy it right then and there? But when you took a glimpse at the price tag, you figured you might want to buy it some other time.

Everyone wants to look fashionable, but the fact is everything that’s neat and trends have become so pricey. Or has it?

Apparently, there’s always a way to get around this. And being effective problem solvers, us parents can still find ways to look just as stylish without having to spend a lot.

So drop your wishlist of the best Louis Vuitton finds. Here’s a list of cost-saving tips you need to look just as hip as the next person.

Go thrift shopping

If you’re on a budget but still want to look just as flashy as other moms, where’s the harm in hitting the thrift stores? After all, fashion isn’t about the expensive price tag or the brand name being emblazoned on leather. It’s about looking confident wearing something that suits your style.

So, it’s more practical along these lines to go bargain hunting. You only need to have a very keen eye in looking for a dress or a shirt that suits you (get it?). Rummaging for the best wardrobe won’t have to be so tedious. All you need is help when it comes to your style. So, bring a friend while shopping around for the cheapest yet most stylish finds.


When it comes to finding a dress that fits you perfectly, you don’t need to go out looking for clothes that go with your taste. Opt instead to make your own dresses or modify existing clothes in your wardrobe.

Of course, for this you will need to have the best equipment for embroidering and other intricate stitches that you want to make. For good measure, look for the right cloth material for the design you will be adding. Also, make sure to learn about advanced stitches so you will be all set to give old dresses a fresh new look.

Use cash vouchers and rewards

Another way to lessen the cost of updating your wardrobe is to make use of membership or rewards cards.

Every outlet store offers a card that allows you to gain points, which you can use to get more discounts. The discounts aren’t that big, but who knows? Maybe you will get a chance on a promo that provides up to 50 percent in savings.

Visit a sale

If a local outlet store is holding a sale, you should definitely drop by and find the best deals on designer clothing. After all, such stores want to empty their inventories before Black Friday to give way to newer products. These pre-Black Friday sales can be your ticket to getting Dolce and Gabbana for half the price!

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