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How To Look Good This Year For Less Money

How To Look Good This Year For Less MoneyEverybody wants to look beautiful, fashionable, and healthy, but all of those things seem to cost money. You want the best clothes, so you have to go to the best stores; you want your face to look the prettiest, so you have to go to the best stores; you want to be healthy, so you have to go the gym or buy supplements. As you’ve probably guessed, this article is going to debunk those commonly spread and wildly inaccurate folk myths. You don’t need to spend a fortune to look good this year, and these tips might just show you a better way.


Fashion is a huge part of looking and feeling good; it’s not simply about impressing other people but impressing yourself. Of course, we often feel tempted to splurge on the big designer names because we assume they must be the best. That isn’t always the case; sometimes simplicity is enough. Checking out Alfred Dunner fashions might inspire you with its range because simple outfit options don’t have to be dull or ugly; minimalism is possibly one of the most important ingredients when it comes to looking as fashionable as possible. If you want a timeless look then you don’t want to overdo it; the crazier trends grow old quickly, but a beautifully-colored dress or skirt never grows old.

The key is to choose things which look objectively appealing to the eye; a certain color or type of pattern which is symmetric and hypnotizingly stunning. That’s how you pick out a good wardrobe; you don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on top designer brands and amazing accessories. Do a bit of hunting, and dig deeper. Go beyond the big brands. You might see something you look in a popular high street store, but look out for sales and coupons for the clothes you want. It all comes down to putting time into your search.


When it comes to beauty, you don’t actually need to buy a dozen different types of foundation, twenty different lipstick brands, and an assortment of different creams. This doesn’t mean you need to go for the “au naturale” look and cut out any sort of beauty regime from your lifestyle, but you don’t need to spend that much money. You could use a buffer for your manicure rather than continually spending money on new bottles of polish, or you could simply wash your face more frequently (without a cloth, as these end up collecting dirt) to avoid buying new tubs of spot cream every few months. Get creative with looking after your face and skin.


Often, the most important way in which people want to look good is with a good physique. Out of all the points in this list, maintaining a healthy diet and a good exercise regime is the most simple thing to master without spending a lot of money. Healthy food can be bought more cheaply than unhealthy food if you know what your body needs, and exercise can be done without spending a dime. Just get out of your house and start moving your body; any activity is good for you, and you don’t need an expensive gym membership.

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