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How to Live Frugally in NYC

When living in an expensive city, money might slip through your fingers like sand and saving can be difficult. Spending half of your salary to live in expensive places such as Manhattan will most likely lead to a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. With a few hacks and some resourcefulness, it is possible to live frugally in NYC.

Here are some tips that will make it possible to save while living in NYC:

Eat In Other Neighborhoods

No matter how convenient it is to buy from a hotel that is around the corner from your apartment, you should know that convenience comes at a cost. To reduce your grocery bill, you need to look beyond your community. A cheap grocery store might not exist in your neighborhood but you probably pass by it on your way to work – buying there will save on grocery bills.  

Avoid Brokers

When looking for an apartment, you need to stay away from brokers. Most of them charge up to 15 percent of your annual rent, which is quite expensive. This fee is not justifiable just because a broker knows about listings to which you might not be privy.

Looking for your own apartment can potentially save thousands in broker’s fees. If you can afford to live in apartments such as The Cole apartments in NYC and Yorkville luxury apartment for rent, it could be a great investment as they come with many benefits that you might otherwise have to pay extra for. 

But, one of the most typical tips is hunting for your own apartment which will save you money. If you are going to be living alone, you should look for apartments that are on sale ‘by owner’.

Smaller landlords are more concerned about finding good tenants for their property and are less likely to charge sky-high rates. If you do not want to deal with broker’s fees, you should consider moving in with roommates. This is also a great idea if you cannot afford to pay rent by yourself in NYC.

Find Frugal Friends

If your closest friends are extravagant, you will have a hard time being frugal when they are around. Make sure that you do not feel pressured to overspend when you are with your friends; if you do, it might be time to find new ones. Your friends might not be in the same financial situation as you.

If your friends are always suggesting costly activities, they might not know that you are trying to be frugal. Before you decide to ditch them, you should let them know that you are trying to control your spending. If they do not understand, you should feel free to move on or turn them down from time to time.

Work out for Free

If you are on a budget, spending hundreds of dollars per month on a gym membership does not make sense. You should consider joining a sports team that will keep you active or use a workout app that will keep you accountable as you exercise at home. You can also take up jogging if you want to experience the city in a new way.

Attend Free Events

There is an abundance of free events in NYC, so you do not have to pay exorbitant admission fees to have fun. You can look up the free museum days and visit on those days. You should also subscribe to services that inform you about free daily events that are happening around NYC.

You can also follow your favorite artists on social media to find out about any free events that they might be having around your area.

Compare Auto Insurance Rates

Most people who live in New York City rely on public transportation. For those who live in outer boroughs or need to travel for work, however, having a car might be a necessity. Unfortunately, NYC’s average auto insurance rates are borderline unaffordable. High crime, high traffic, and high accident rates in the city mean that car insurance will cost you a pretty penny. This is why it’s incredibly important to shop around and compare rates until you find insurance at a price you can afford. The average driver can save over 25% on their annual premiums simply by shopping around.


When living in an expensive city such as NYC, you need to pay attention to big expenses such as rent and food. Doing so will result in substantial savings.

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