How To Improve Your Instagram? Mistakes To Avoid

What if, once, you didn’t wonder what else you could do on Instagram? You’re probably already doing a lot to try to be visible, develop a real fan community, and boost your sales with Instagram. So, we would like you to become aware of everything you already do and before (maybe) adding more; and make sure that what you do is really good for your growth on Instagram. Yes? So let’s go to discover these fatal mistakes to avoid absolutely improving your Instagram followers.

1: Not optimizing your bio

These few lines have the power to transform a visitor into a follower! So don’t miss this opportunity! So, optimize your bio to increase visibility.

2: Using low-quality photos

With the increasingly efficient cameras integrated into our smartphones, it is a mistake that we ignore. Quality images play an important role in getting more Instagram likes, share and followers. 

3: Being too lazy to write descriptions worthy of the name

The power of words is a rising phenomenon on Instagram. Also, you absolutely must take advantage of this ideal feature to create added value and strengthen the links that unite you with your community.

4: Not having a hashtag strategy

Using hashtags to describe your photo is good, but it’s not enough. There are many criteria to take into account when it comes to implementing a relevant hashtag strategy. So use more relevant and popular hashtags for your posts.

5: Not having an Instagram strategy at all 

Your goal on Instagram is to TRANSFORM. You want to transform a user into a follower, a follower into a client, and a client into a prescriber. So, if you don’t have a strategy to get people from one stage to the next, it may seem normal that it gets a little stuck, right?

6: Not using the power of IG Stories 

IG stories are a great way to strengthen the links between your brand and your subscribers and, above all, an excellent conversion tool. Be careful, though, because if the Stories seem much more spontaneous and intuitive than the publications, they also respond to them to a strategy.

7: Keeping your profile PRIVATE – probably the biggest mistake you should avoid improving your Instagram

The number of profiles which are in reality personal profiles and which remain private is still (too) numerous! So please, don’t make this mistake and open your profile to the public.

8: Not engaging with your subscribers 

Because in the social network, there is “social,” do not hesitate to interact with your subscribers; they are just waiting for that! You can also check out this article and learn more about how to buy instagram followers.

9: Do not check your statistics

To measure your progress, detect what works, there is no secret. You must analyze and rely on your results to be able to adjust, detect what you like (or less), and become more efficient on Instagram.

10: Doing too much self-promotion

Do you want to sell through Instagram? So you quite naturally think that to do this, you must show photos of your products to your subscribers every day and remind them of the address of your e-shop every time (or almost) so that they can order? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

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