Easy And Quick Lamb Recipes For Dinner On Week Days

Are you searching for some delicious lamb recipes that are quick to prepare in less time? Here are some lamb recipes to cook for dinner time on weekdays. Are you ready for a scrumptious read? Go on!

  1. Pomegranate glazed Lamb Rump

This recipe is especially for pomegranate and lamb lovers. To prepare this dish at home, you need to follow specific instructions. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees C. Now, in a bowl, mix garlic, honey, molasses, and other spices you may like to add on. Add rump to it and toss to coat. If you have enough time, then marinate your lamb for three to four hours beforehand.

Now, put some oil, potatoes, eschalots, seeds, and carrot in a roasting pan before spreading them evenly. Top the prepared mixture with rump obtained after marinade. Roast the lamb for around 25 minutes until cooked. Remove this lamb from the oven and then cover it with foil. Cook vegetables until appropriately cooked. For serving, use silverbeet. Also, scatter pomegranate seeds on it

  1. Hawaiian Style Lamb Po-Ke-Bowl

To prepare Hawaiian style lamb, take a bowl out to mix garlic, soy, sesame oil, and chilli flakes first. Bowl size must be sufficient to hold the lamb. Marinate it for an hour. Wash and cook rice as per packet instructions. To cook lamb, preheat BBQ, and then, cover it with a lid for 10 minutes until it reaches the temperature of 55 degrees C according to the meat thermometer. After transferring to a plate, cover it with foil and let it rest for a while.

Eject rice in a beautiful bowl, and use capsicum, avocado, tomato, onion, and ½ cup coriander to garnish. Add the soy sauce and lemon on the rice. Stir them consistently and later add them to serving bowls. For the topping of rice, combine lamb, chilli flakes, and onions to it. Now serve them with wedges of lemon.

  1. Five Spice Lamb with Fried Vegetables

For the great love of vegetables and meat recipes, this dish will meet your taste goals. First, place the chops of lamb on a plate. Brush this lamb with oil and sprinkle its surface with five different spices. Preheat the grill until it becomes hot and cook lamb for 2-3 minutes. For sauce dipping, mix ingredients in a bowl.

Take a hot wok and add oil to it. Add garlic to it and cook for 5 minutes with continuous stirring. Cook until it becomes of a golden shade. Add capsicum to it and toss to combine. Stir thoroughly after adding the soy sauce to this. Serve this dish with noodles, dipping sauce, and lamb. Lamb recipes here are easy and quick, try some out yourself.

  1. Spiced Lamb and Pistachio Koftas

Here’s a new exotic recipe to prepare koftas and serve it with lamb. To make this beautiful dish, combine all required ingredients for a kofta in a bowl and then season them with pepper and salt. Form 12 patties of this prepared mixture and cover them, placing on a flat surface. Preheat the chargrill and cook these patties for 8 minutes until turned brown. Sprinkle pistachios on your prepared dish and let’s serve with bread, salad, and hummus. 

  1. Pear and Sage Lamb Sliders

Trim lamb shoulder with abundant fat and place it over a roasting tray. In a bowl, mix pear, oil, sage leaves, salt, and pepper. Spread prepared mixture on the lamb and then marinate for 30 minutes. Now, pour ½ a cup of water over the roasting tray after preheating an oven. Cover this with foil paper. Cook lamb until you can shred it with a fork. Roast parsnips after adding salt, oil, and pepper until golden.


Now enjoy different lamb recipes for dinner time. But be careful while cooking lamb properly.

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  1. I made Hawaiian Style Lamb Po-Ke last night and my family loved it! So fresh and flavorful and it came together so easily! Thank you for sharing this, Heather!

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