Endless Beaches At Your Fingertips: What’s The Best Season To Visit Seychelles?

Tropical climates are tricky to figure out when you’re coming from the other side of the world. A nice summer season where you are is an endless downpour in another country. To get the most out of inspire4travel , you should go by the months, not the season. It is the easiest way to not get confused about the rotating seasons in a different country.

A Great Tropical Climate

It is hot all year round in Seychelles, regardless of the season. Hot and humid is what you should expect from any tropical climate, especially one that has average daily temperatures of 26 °C. The flipside of this temperature is that it makes going to the beach a lot of fun. If you do a lot of surfing, Seychelles has just the right amount of wind in its waves to keep you upright. Highs temps are generally a lot lower than places that are unbearably hot, and shouldn’t go any higher than 33 °C. Even at night, the temperatures are consistent enough to make it comfortable to take a walk along the beach.

Multiple islands in Seychelles will have specific features that favor camping, beach laying, jogging, swimming, and surfing. Even if the temperatures are the same, their specific climates are different enough to warrant doing a little bit of research. If your primary goal is to relax on the beach, then make it a point to gain access to the island that offers the best amenities.

Why June To August Is The Best

When you want to see the best weather that Seychelles has to offer, the months of June to August will not disappoint. This is both the driest and sunniest times of the year for the islands. It isn’t too hot, and it isn’t too rainy. The wind is strong enough for surfers, and the best beaches on the islands are at their best during this period. Instead of the random heavy thunderstorms that can interrupt an itinerary, you get consistently great weather that is perfect whether you’re in or out of the water.

If those months don’t work for you, March to May is not too bad. It is the hottest time of the year for Seychelles, but not by much. If you stay away from the main islands to the north, then these months will provide fantastic weather – similar to the best months. Think of March to May as the backup months when your schedule isn’t as flexible.

The only months to avoid are October to January, which is considered the start of the rainy season. Vacationers that don’t care about outdoor activities will be fine during this period. But even at its worst, the bad weather doesn’t take away from the beauty of Seychelles.

Wrap Up

There is nothing like a vacation in Seychelles. The memories created on your trip will be hard to top, and there is no doubt you will return for another great time. As an individual or family package, Seychelles will never be a disappointment.

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