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6 Dog-Friendly Places You Can Visit in NYC

New York, the so-called “Empire City,” welcomes more than 60 million human visitors per year. But did you know that you can tour the city in the company of a furry friend? NYC has become just as dog-friendly an urban area as it is a human-friendly one. There are a number of places that you can enjoy with your dog in tow, just so long as you follow each one’s respective guidelines. 

Book a hotel, eat in a restaurant, or take a stroll in one of New York’s most famous parks with your beloved pooch. Here are 6 places that you can start with!

Westgate New York Grand Central

Worried about how your dog will score a good night’s rest while you’re on holiday in NYC? The Westgate Hotel, near Grand Central Station, is known to provide comfort and convenience to its guests—and that includes its four-legged ones. For further reference, you can check out the Westgate Grand Central Hotel official website and its pet policy. This is where you’ll find guidelines on the hotel’s limit to number of pets and the amount needed for pet deposit, cleaning fees, and house rules. Read them ahead for a hassle-free check-in!

Central Park

Manhattan’s iconic Central Park—or should it be Central Bark?—is the perfect respite for humans and dogs. There are even some areas in the park that allow leash-free roaming before 9:00AM and after 9:00PM. But for safety, visit Central Park’s website and find their list of areas where dogs aren’t allowed, plus where they must be kept on-leash. Don’t forget to practice courtesy to the park administration and to fellow park-goers by cleaning up after your dog (poop, hair, and all!).

AKC Canine Retreat

AKC Canine Retreat, a premium doggy daycare and grooming center, has several branches in Manhattan. They include the West 72nd, Chelsea, and Tribeca areas. Among the services offered by AKC Canine Retreats are daycare, 24-hour care, dog walking, and grooming. The staff here follow the best practices observed by the American Kennel Club, and they commit to meeting all dogs’ unique needs and personality types. Bring proof of your dog’s vaccination history before you check them into one of AKC Canine Retreat’s Manhattan branches. 

Prospect Park’s Dog Beach

Allow your dog to roam in Prospect Park’s Long Meadow and take a dip in the Dog Beach, the park’s special swimming area for dogs. This will be a great opportunity for your dog to socialize with other dogs—and for you to socialize with other dog owners! Please follow the park administration’s rules, especially about avoiding the water when there’s an algae bloom. This will keep your dog from being exposed to additional health risks. 

The Barking Dog Restaurant 

If you didn’t know it by their name, The Barking Dog Restaurant professes to be the most dog-friendly restaurant in NYC. It’s famous for its breakfast and brunch specials, buttermilk fried chicken, biscuits, meat loaf, and pot roast. There’s also a lot of room for dogs to play—and they’ll even get a view of the restaurant’s doggy water fountains. 

Shake Shack 

There’s another reason to visit the popular burger chain Shake Shack: they serve a dish that your doggo will love. When you’re there for your own burger and fries, ask for the “Pooch-ini” special. The Shake Shack staff will whip up a combo of dog treats, peanut butter, and dog-safe custard just for your four-legged friend. 

These attractions, plus several more in New York, will give you “dog days” that you can actually look forward to. Include these in your itinerary, and you and your furry companion will definitely have a paw-some time around NYC!

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  1. My pet loves to be unleashed in dog friendly parks and beaches, where he can just run around, swim and make friends with other dogs, since he is the only pet we have, it gets really lonely for him sometimes.

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