Importance And Reasons Why You Need To Consult A Doctor For Skin Cancer Signs

Skin cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Australia. Unfortunately, many Australians do not know the top signs of this disease. By the time they realize they have skin cancer, it is too late. If you feel that you have skin cancer, do not wait longer and please consult your doctor immediately. He will check your tumour, and prescribe the right treatment. We have identified a few reasons why you need to consult your skin cancer doctor. 

  1. Moles

We aren’t suggesting that all moles cause cancer. A typical mole is not more than 6 mm in diameter and is tan or black. Moles are small tissues that have a density of melanin and are harmless. The problem arises when a mole changes its colour, size, and shape. 

When this happens, this means you are developing skin cancer. Most moles occur before you turn 25, so if you get a new one (assuming you are over 25), it is time to see a doctor. According to the Cancer Council of Australia, there is an ABCD rule of checking moles. This rule is;

  1. Asymmetry- When the mole changes shape and becomes irregular.
  2. Border- When the border of the mole becomes blurry, etched or variable. 
  3. Colour- When the mole changes its colour, it is time to see your doctor. 


  1. Working in the sun

If you are working in the sun for long hours, it is time to see your doctor. According to various studies, overexposure to UV rays is a contributing factor to skin cancer. 

  1. Tanning beds

Tanning also causes skin cancer, so it is best to avoid this activity. If you are planning to tan your body, please check your skin cancer doctor. 

  1. Body characteristics

Various studies suggest that skin cancer occurs in light skin people more than the dark-skinned ones. This doesn’t mean that the latter will never have this disease. Low melanin density in light-skinned people is the reason why they get this disease more often. If you have had a history of skin cancer, you need to see your doctor. Some skin cancers can recur after several years. Similarly, if someone in your immediate family has had skin cancer, please visit a doctor. We are referring to your parents and siblings here.

  1. Living in sunny areas

People who live in bright areas are more prone to skin cancer than others. Please see cancer specialists like Sun Doctors if you think that exposure to the sun may cause you skin cancer. Thee are three kinds of skin cancer- basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. The first two kinds contribute to nearly 97-98% of all skin cancer cases. The third variety, melanoma, is the most dangerous of all cancers. 

Fortunately, basal and squamous cancers can be detected and treated easily. Melanoma, is very difficult to detect due to its high mortality rate. Contact your doctor to find out which skin cancer you have. If it is established that you have this disease, your doctor will plan the right treatment for you. Some of the treatments available are-

  1. Radiotherapy– A high energy beam is directed at your affected body part to kill the cancer cells. Non-cancerous cells are not affected by this beam.

  2. Chemotherapy– In this treatment, skin creams and lotion are applied to the affected body part.

  3. Some treatments involve splicing of the affected skin. This way, all the malignant cells are removed. The remaining cancerous cells are made inactive by liquid nitrogen. 


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