How To Impress As A Dinner Party Host

Impressing as a dinner party host isn’t just about what you decide to serve. It’s also about the vibe of the whole evening, and how you step up as a host! And that’s what we’re here to help you with; a good dinner party has a little bit of everything, so here’s how to set up just right. Once you’ve got the table looking good, the rest of the evening will be a real breeze.

Presentation is Everything

The way you present your evening is the biggest part of what makes you an impressive host. You need to have a good sense of decor about you; think of it as setting up the foundation to build a stable home on. So, what’s the overall theme for your dinner party? 

How have you set up your table? What plates, knives and forks are you using? And will you be setting out candles, lights, or other accompaniments to fill up the negative space? Because a little themed decoration goes a long way! And if you feel up to it, you can even fold the napkins into shapes – that’ll certainly impress. 

Get Your Music Just Right

The music you play can really set the tone for the evening. Something gentle is good for a bit of background noise, but if you and your guests all love a good bop, don’t be afraid to put that on either! It’ll help the evening to feel familiar, especially if this is your first time throwing a dinner party. Take stock of everyone’s taste in music, but if it’s all too different, just put on a soft, classical tune. That’ll help to make the space feel more lively without taking anything away. 

Put a Fancy Twist on Old Meals

Old meals, the kind you cook at least once a week, are the recipes you feel safe with. You know how to make them without needing any kind of guide, and they’re a go-to for late dinners when there’s nothing else in. But you can also use them to full effect during a dinner party too. You’ve just got to make them a little more fancy! So take the best recipe for minestrone soup, add some fresh and fragrant garnish to the top, and then serve it in your best crockery, or with a super tasty side dish. 

Perfect Your Seating Arrangement

And finally, your seating arrangement can have a big impact on how the night goes. For example, if you’ve got some friends who don’t really know each other, sit them together but not opposite. Put someone they know well opposite, to make sure they’ve got a familiar face to look at and someone to get to know beside them. This way the conversation will flow quite naturally. And if everyone you’re inviting knows each other, it doesn’t really matter where anyone sits! 

If you’re throwing a dinner party soon, make sure you’ve set up for the atmosphere as well as the food!

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