Serve These 3 Fun Foods at Your Next Event

The music, the décor, maybe some games – you can have all of these things nailed down for your next event, but if your food flops, so does the party.

Nothing pleases guests more than a spread of delicious food. It’s nourishing and serves as a great centerpiece for conversation to happen.

Not only do you want it to taste good, you also want to strike the right balance of allowing guests to graze without getting full quickly. The food should be bite size (and give people the ability to mingle easily while noshing!).

These fun foods are a surefire way to delight even the pickiest of eaters at your next soiree.

Pepper Jelly Dip

Pepper jelly dip is a versatile addition to any party, and one with a unique taste. It’s combination of sweet, hot, and sometimes sour flavors packs a punch to the tastebuds.

Pepper jelly is a preserve made of peppers, sugar, and salt in a pectin or vinegar base. Its flavors vary depending on the ingredients; you can find Chipotle, Cranberry Habanero, Bourbon, or even Mango pepper jelly. The possibilities are endless.

You can use it on its own with chips for dipping, combine it with cream cheese for a spread, slather it on chicken as a marinade, dunk meatballs in it, or whisk it into salad dressing. 


These handheld pies are popular in Latin America, Portugal, and the Philippines, with good reason.

They can be filled with a plethora of culinary combinations, and are easily eaten without the need of any utensils.

You can make these flavorful food pockets as large or as small as you want, adjusting to the size of your crowd.

You can choose to make a simple dough of your own, or opt for store-bought pizza dough for ease of assembly.

Popular fillings include chorizo, chicken, or beef, laced through with a variety of spices, cheese, or vegetables.

Though they are most often savory, you can make them sweet. Fill them with caramelized fruits, sweet cheeses, or chocolates.

You can also make a myriad of dipping sauces to accompany your empanadas, complimentary to the filling inside. 

Loaded Crostini

Crostini – translated to “little crusts” – are a small appetizer made of slices of toasted bread covered in toppings. The bread is so small, the whole crostini can usually be finished off in a bite or two. A thin baguette will do for the perfect slice.

Like empanadas, these are very versatile. However, you’ve got the chance to make a fun display of these appetizers, since the combination of food sits on top of the bread in plain sight of the eater, not stashed away in a pocket of dough.

You can lay them out in formations on trays or stack them in fun ways that make grabbing a bite an experience.

For toppings, the possibilities are endless. Classic combinations include lemon dill cream cheese, lox, and capers; tomato, mozzarella, and basil finished with balsamic vinegar; or shrimp and avocado.

You can also go the sweet route with goat cheese, honey, and strawberry or apricot, sliced almonds, and ricotta cheese.

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