Finding a Weight Loss Plan and Sticking To It

A special thanks to Fitmate for sponsoring this post. All of the thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Weight loss can be so incredibly difficult for many of us out there, especially as we get older. I can say personally that having four kids, working, and trying to keep up with all the other responsibilities in life… I often feel so discouraged when it comes to not only finding the time, but the energy and drive to start my weight loss journey… again. Because lest be honest, there have been several attempts, but I am always left either uninspired or burnt out. I am a visual person. I need to see numbers. I need to see notes. I NEED the visual reminder to keep up with a weight loss plan.

We all spend a significant amount of time on our phone, so what better place to start your weight loss journey than there? Fitmate is a weight loss coaching app that provides affordable nutrition and fitness coaching to all.

What is a fitness coach?

If you are new to having a fitness coach, you may be wondering what they can help you with. Weight Loss coaches help you in 4 very important ways:

  • You feel supported
  • They help you find solutions when you are stuck
  • Advice from experts in their field
  • You feel accountable

I think a lot of us would agree that needing accountability is what would make our weight loss plan a success! It can be so easy (when doing it on your own) to decide not exercise one day… or to stress eat after a hard day at work. Having someone there at the end of the day encouraging you to stay on track with your journey could be exactly what you need to not give up.

How can a fitness coach help me?

There is such a huge misconception that weight loss plan equals saying goodbye to all your favorite foods and trading them in for a salad every meal.

Fitmate knows this isn’t the proper approach and the coaches will not ask you to follow a restrictive diet. Instead, they are going to help you gradually build a healthy nutrition and fitness routine.

Some ways they are going to do this is by discussing eating lean foods like proteins that fill you up to prevent overeating. Addressing any root-causes that are triggering the over-eating, like stress Plus helping you to stick to realistic calorie targets without counting every calorie.

Weight-loss coaches will help keep you on track, adapt your nutrition and fitness plan to your goals and your lifestyle, whilst building self-efficacy. Your coach’s goal is to give you the confidence, knowledge, and mental strength to be able to drive yourself to where you want to go.

Trust the numbers

Fitmate has shared some truly amazing numbers that show just how well their customers are doing in their weight loss journey because of the app. Here is what they have to show:

  • 95% of Fitmate users don’t regain weight after their lose it
  • 90% feel better about their body in 1 month
  • 85% feel healthier within 2 months
  • 85% improve their mood within 2 months
  • 75% gain energy from their 2nd month onwards

How much does it cost?

Did you know that online nutrition and fitness coaches traditionally cost around $200+ dollars per month? I know that this is personally not something I would be comfortable fitting into our family’s budget each month!

Fitmate provides their users with 24/7 access to a team of coaches, a custom nutrition and fitness plan, and more for only $45 per month.

My personal experience

Upon signing up for your membership, you will go through an onboarding process. I had a few coaches reach out to me to explain more about Ftimate and talk to me about my fitness journey (what are my goals, my current exercise, what I want to focus on) and we discussed a plan.

There is a lot of back and forth chat with your coaches, they truly want to get a good understanding of your goals and needs so that they can put together a plan that actually fits your personal preferences. They make it very easy to discuss these topics and put together a reasonable plan that suits your lifestyle.

In addition to your coaches putting together your program, the app also features some additional resources.

You do not have to search the internet for hours trying to find healthy and nutritious meals! They have A TON of recipes on their app. You are even able to filter out the recipes based on your own diet (low sugar foods, vegan, high fiber, etc.)

Having a tough time figuring out a workout routine or exercise that fits your lifestyle? The app features a ton of workout videos and just to name a few… walking and jogging, Pilates, yoga… so many fun videos to inspire your fitness journey! I am telling you… Fitmate has so much to offer and is such an affordable way to get you on track and to actually achieve your fitness goals.

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