How to Help Your Kids Enjoy Homework

How to Help Your Kids Enjoy Homework Having homework assignments is really important for the cognitive development and learning about work habits. The problem is that most kids would rather be outside and playing instead of having to do some boring old assignment. This could create some problems for the parents, if they push their child too hard and force them to do homework there is a good chance that the child will rebel and this could even lead to a downgrade of achievements in school. The trick is to try and make assignment as fun and interesting as possible so that the children don`t associate doing homework with something negative. Here are a few tips and tricks so that your kid does not run away when homework is mentioned.

Create a fun and engaging work space

If you want your little assignment writer to be productive and to have a bit of fun while doing his assignment you need to create a fun work space in order for him or her to shine. Avoid busy areas of the house to exclude distractions as much as possible. You should also design the work space together with your kid. Let them choose patterns, colors, posters and stuff like that and you stock them with academic essentials! It needs to be clear that this space is solely for work so they now when they sit down it`s assignment time.

Have a study buddy

One great idea that produces good results is to have a study buddy, or even a small study group. Let`s be honest we all need assignment help from time to time, sure, you can always ask, but it is always up to you. Turn assignment time into play time when everything is finished. This is a great way of “sharing the pain” of having to do homework in the first place. This also teaches kids teamwork and collaboration, something that will greatly benefit them in the future. Have some cool fun activity ready for when the homework is finished. Just make sure to check everything first to see if everything is done properly and not rushed to get to the fun part.


Incentives are a great and wildly popular tool parents use to make kids do homework. There is a simple reason behind this, it works. By having a reward system in place your child will be extra motivated to fulfill all tasks and get the reward. Try to have categories for the different difficulties of assignments so if it is something easy they get a Snickers or some extra time for video games but if it is difficult they get to go carting or something like that!

Get involved as a parent

We said before that kids need some assignment help on occasion, just make sure you as a parent are not an assignment writing service. Children need to do their own work but this doesn`t mean you shouldn`t get involved. Be there for your kid to guide them through difficulties and give them a helpful nudge here and there but they do need to do most of the work on their own. Don`t become one of those caricature parents we see in movies who make model Volcanoes that works and looks perfectly!

Have active breaks

A lot of kids have a surplus of energy and their concentration and focus do not last very long because, well, they are kids. Everything is interesting to them and everything should be explored! When having breaks try to change the scenery for your kid by doing something fun and physical like playing catch, walking the family dog or playing a game of basketball. This change of scenery and pace from dullness and focus of their work desk will keep them engaged and motivated for the next task.

Tech up

Kids these days are obsessed with technology. More often than not they would rather play some game on a tablet then play outside with their friends. Since the situation is what it is, try and use it as much as you can to your advantage by downloading some educational apps for your kids. There are many educational apps available in the form of games which will make the educational experience fun for your children.

There you go, what Is important to remember is to try and keep a positive mindset for assignments when it comes to your child. Unless you are among the lucky few parents whose child simply loves homework, you will need to try and implement some of these methods. By all means, mix it up! Combine several of these segments or even schedule them so that one day is go-cart day, one day is extra candy, and one is half an hour more playing video games. In this way, your child will associate these days with fun activities instead of chores. As said before, help them, make them see you are there for them when it comes to school stuff but never do their work for them, you won`t be doing them any favors, you will just make them less prepared for the years to come. With a bit of effort and imagination assignments will get done in no time and with a smile on their faces!

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  1. Very amazing post 🙂

    I really like the ideas that you have mentioned in your blog. All of them are very fantastic. I will surely follow these tips to make my daughter enjoy her homework. Thanks for sharing such amazing post.

  2. Hi Dear,

    I appreciate your blog as you have mentioned the ways through which kids can enjoy their homework. As, I am a father of 2 kids and I don’t want to make my kids overburdened due to homework. I always tried to make their homework more and more enjoyable so that they don’t only do homework but also learn it by heart. I hope these tips will help every parent and their lovely kids 🙂

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