Romantic Things to Do in Hong Kong

Romantic Things to Do in Hong Kong Although Hong Kong is not the first city on the list of top romantic cities and countries of the world, it has its charm in its bustle, harbor views, and unique skyline. If you’ve chosen Asia as your honeymoon destination or you just want to spend your vacation somewhere apart from Europe, put visiting Hong Kong on your travel list. You can get there from any corner of the world without paying through the nose using the service where you’ll find the cheapest business flights to Hong Kong. You need only to submit application form here. Consider the following list of suggestions on what to see and what to do in Hong Kong.

  • Walk along the Victoria Harbor. This natural harbor, which separates the Hong Kong Island from the Kowloon Peninsula, was named after the British Queen as Hong Kong was once a British colony. This is a true oasis and the embellishment of the city-state that lures so many tourists wanting to enjoy the spectacular view of Hong Kong skyline. You’ll be at a loss for words when you see the harbor in the nighttime. The view is absolutely incredible especially if you go on a night cruise and watch the twinkling lights of the skyscrapers from the water.
  • Do not miss the Symphony of Lights show. Want to see the largest light & sound show that went into the Guinness Book of Records? Then first, cross the Victoria Harbor on a ferry to get to the Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) waterfront that provides a stunning view of the harbor, Hong Kong Island, and the show itself. Wait till the sun goes down and 40 skyscrapers start projecting colorful lights in time with the music.
  • Go up the Victoria Peak. The best view of the Victoria Harbor and the Lights Show can be contemplated from the top of the Victoria Peak or just “The Peak”. This is the highest point on Hong Kong Island and standing on top of it, you’ll be able to see all the amenities of the neighborhood. The Sky Terrace atop of the Peak Tower is a great observation platform that provides an unobtrusive 360° view. The most comfortable and exciting way to climb the Peak is to get on the Peak Tram. As this 125-year funicular is taking you up to the Peak Tower, you go up past the skyscrapers and enjoy the picturesque scenery around.
  • Hop into a “Ding Ding” tram. The best way to explore the Hong Kong Island and feel its spirit is to do it sitting on the upper deck of a double-deck tram. The trams got their name for a specific ding-ding sound they make. There are 163 trams operating on the streets of Hong Kong among them are three modern metal vehicles. However, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll catch the ancient ones that look more authentic. There is a possibility to rent the whole tram for a special occasion such as birthday or anniversary.
  • Visit Hong Kong Disneyland. Who said that only kids want to visit Disneyland? Adults were kids once too, so your significant other will probably get excited by the idea of visiting HK Disneyland. It’s not very large in comparison with its counterparts in the US or France, but still this is a place where magic reigns. If you want to relax and get a bit childish, there is another good option for you – Ocean Park Hong Kong.
  • Take the cable car ride. The Ngong Ping Cable Car is an attraction itself but you’ll need to use it to get to the Lantau Island where the statue of Big Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery sit. Be prepared for a 25-minute adventure (this is how long the cable-car journey takes) during which you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the island greenery and the twinkling South China Sea. If you two are brave enough, you can choose a crystal, rather than a standard cabin. The crystal one has a transparent bottom so you can get the feel of being stuck in the air.

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