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How To Earn More When You Are A Stay-at-Home Parent

Being a parent is a tough decision for each couple. Most of the young parent are aware of postpartum depression or so-called baby blues. Nights without sleep resulting daily irritation, fights with spouse and relatives, headache, exhaustion and many other side effects that can totally ruin the happiness of having a baby. We already mentioned advice on how to deal with this depression. One of the ways is having a job that brings real money.

Each mom has three or four hours per day which is more than enough for having part time job at home that brings real money while her beloved baby is observing sweet dreams. The following list shows five ways to work at home.

1. Try yourself in writing articles

There are more that 150 million students in the world. Think about how many of them are dreaming to delegate part of their essays to someone else. “Type my essay” has become a very popular Google request. Good news is that there are a lot of services on academic assistance online. You can become an online writer for one of them.

Writing essays for students may seem not very attractive part time job from the point of view of morality. On the other hand, there are a lot of privileges including attractive salary. While writing essays you read a lot of interesting educational literature which allows you to gain informal education on the field that you choose such as psychology, music, management, engineering, computer science, graphic design, nursing, art, film and theater etc.

2. Write your blog or vlog

Writing a blog is the most popular activity among people who prefer to stay at home or travel around the world. Did you find out how to swaddle your baby and feed it at the same time? Make a video instruction for other moms. Did you find the perfect food for yourself that gives you strength in spite of sleepless nights? Write about it! Did you realize how to stop fighting with your husband because of your exhaustion? Share your thoughts with other. Did you know how to entertain your children without digital means and free a few more hours a day for yourself? Let us in on the secret.

Writing a blog or filming a vlog not only helps you to express your thoughts but it helps to earn some extra money as well. A simple to use photo and video editing app like Instasize will help you get started. The only disadvantage is that the income won’t be instant. For instant income, there are always positions for writers in already existing blogs.blogs.

3. Administrate social networks

It is not a secret that most moms spend plenty of time in social networks to socialize somehow and stay updated about the latest news. Why not make money on being professional social network manager then? Plenty of online magazines, social groups, online stores, corporate groups in social networks needs people who take care of everything inside the group.

First of all, choose the social network. It can be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ or any other well known social network that you like and know how to use in the advanced level. It means that you at least should know how to post text, links, add video, photo, change the cover photo, open/close comments, and other basics. Then choose a special sphere. It can be an online clothing store, a group of advice, horoscope, brand store, group of some company, any thematic group like traveling, household, garden, love and relationship, psychology, business and other. It is important to choose what you like and start your administrative work.

4. Community manager

A lot of companies prefer to hire part-time community managers who answer emails and chat online. This type of job is good for the communicative type of persons who don’t afraid of the bunch of similar questions every day. This type of job has stable working hours with 3-5 hours per day, and stable income at the end of the month. This job is good for earning money and bad for creative persons. The good thing is that it doesn’t need a lot of energy like writing a blog/vlog.

5. Start your own business

In the end, this is the perfect decision for moms. If you already run your own business then just delegate your duties to trusted person leaving 3 hours of supervision every day. If you don’t run your own business well this is a very good time to start or create an online store. Running a small business doesn’t mean looking for investors. You can do whatever you want for money like sewing, making handmade decorations, baking cakes and pancakes, doing manicure, collecting bouquets and flower compositions, making handmade jewelry etc.

There are a plenty of ideas for business which doesn’t need starting investment. Use your creativity and earn your money together with your baby!

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