Why It’s Important For Moms To Take Time For Themselves

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I often find that society today puts so much pressure on moms to be active and constantly on the go when it comes to their children. Mothers are often shamed if they are caught resting for a moment on the park bench as their children independently play and explore the outdoors. We are expected to be this fully involved mother that is sprinting from one end of the playground to the next, all while teaching our child the state capitals. Moms wear many hats and tackle a slew of responsibilities every day… rarely does that leave time for you. I even find that I will pass up opportunities where I can have some free time because I feel so guilty. Does this sound familiar? Well I am here today to share with you why it’s important for moms to take time for themselves and why you shouldn’t feel bad!

We moved from Maine to Georgia 2.5 years ago, leaving behind many family members and friends… which now leaves me without anyone to help with the kids. I use to be able to simple call one of my sisters or nana and they would watch the kids without hesitation. Now I find myself afraid to go out because leaving my children with a stranger is so overwhelming to me. In a scenario like this I find that it is important for me to be assertive and insist that my husband take the kids out for a few hours. Those are the moments where you just need to let the housework wait, ignore the laundry and take advantage of this me time!

Why It's Important For Moms To Take Time For Themselves

So I recently discovered that OREO has some new products that have instantly become my favorite snack to hide from the kids and enjoy alone during my me time. OREO Thins are a “thin twist on the OREO you love” and are a crisp and light treat… and of course pair perfectly with a cold glass of almond milk.

Why It's Important For Moms To Take Time For Themselves

Just look how thin and crispy they look!

Why It's Important For Moms To Take Time For Themselves

Did I mention they come in mint? Oh my word, this OREO Thins flavor is by far my favorite… yum!

Why It's Important For Moms To Take Time For Themselves

I found the new OREO Thins in the cookie section of my local Kroger store… my favorite place to shop! They always have the lowest prices, plus if you download their app on your phone, you can add digital coupons to your account and those savings will be taken off instantly when you scan your member card at checkout!

Why It's Important For Moms To Take Time For Themselves

So now that I had my delicious treat, I decided it was time to do something that I greatly enjoyed prior to having kids. I use to truly enjoy giving myself manicures and painting my nails a new color each week. Now a days I find that the second I get a coat of paint on my nails, I smudge them within minutes because I need to use my hands to help the kids with something. Now that I had the opportunity to sit and relax on the couch and stream something other than a kid show on Netflix… I could finally give myself the manicure my nails desperately needed.

My secret to a beautiful DIY manicure? Take care of those cuticles! Invest in a good cuticle cutter and a quality nail filler. Make sure to clean your nails up good, removing the cuticles and filling down anything that would stand out. This makes a huge difference once you paint your nails, they come out so professional looking and actually last longer.

Why It's Important For Moms To Take Time For Themselves

Do you ever realize how refreshed and new you feel after a few hours of alone time where you were able to enjoy something you love doing? Moms taking me time is so incredibly important for our mental health! We put so much of our time and energy into caring for our kids that we can become tired and irritable. Giving yourself the time to rejuvenate allows you to be a better mom for your kids! So what are you waiting for? You deserve it mom!

I would love to know how you take time for yourself and what you enjoy doing when your finally have the much needed break from the kids!

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6 thoughts on “Why It’s Important For Moms To Take Time For Themselves

  1. It is so important for Moms to take a break and spend some much needed alone time to rejuvenate. I always feel so much better and happier when I take time for myself even if it is for a couple of hours.

  2. I love taking time for myself, whether it’s with a good book or a nice warm bath. Me time is important so I can feel refreshed and ready to take care of my family.

  3. With a newborn, it’s definitely hard to have some alone time. But that time defintiely helps to refresh my mind. I try to have my time after the kids are in bed.

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