How to Deal With Bad Customer Service

Every customer who gets exceptional service will want to continue doing business with a company. As such, growing the customer base and building loyalty goes hand-in-hand with excellent customer service. Bad customer service is a frustrating experience and makes think of taking your business elsewhere. Dealing with such lousy customer service is the best way of improving the experiences.

In most cases, the bad experiences with customer service representatives are due to them misunderstanding your situation. As such, you should be specific when putting forth your complaints to the staff.

Be calm and articulate your issues politely when speaking to the customer service personnel. Avoid getting irritated because this only increases the chances of having your problems not addressed efficiently. If things seem to get out of hand, ask to speak to the manager or supervisor since they are in a better position to offer practical solutions.

  • Request For Assistance From The Manager

When you feel that you are being served poorly, then requesting assistance from the manager or supervisor is the best recourse. They have a higher authority to help you; therefore, you can ask for them even if the customer service is over the phone. Again, remember to stay calm and clarify your situation to help the manager or supervisor understand and know which solutions to offer.

Try asking leading questions such as, “what would you do if you were in my shoes?” The aim of this is to make the manager understand and holistically sympathize with your situation. It also helps in preventing you from becoming irate.

Opening give suggestions if you have ideas on who your issues can be resolved or even to help improve the level of customer services. The supervisor will take your point into account since it may be something that they may not have in mind. Most importantly, understand that they do not have to agree with your terms or opinions and that, at times, compromise may be necessary if a finding a desirable solution is seemingly becoming impossible.

 Alternatively, you can present your complaints in writing. Write a letter to the management or business owner highlighting your issues and the different customer service staffers you spoke with, any solutions you proposed and do not forget to include your contacts. If you can’t find details of where to send your complaint then take a look at Client to find their details.

Complaints in writing can be more useful than you may realize. Not only do you have a paper trail if you have to seek legal advice, if the business knows why you are complaining in detail then they will want to make sure it won’t happen again. They may start implementing different practices like customer journey mapping ( so they can accurately see where they are going wrong. That of course is in an ideal world. For the most part, a written complaint is more useful if you are considering a credit card refund or lawsuit.

  • Tweet Your Frustrations

Taking things online on social media platforms such as tweet is often a hit-or-miss strategy for dealing with bad customer service; it nevertheless is worth a try. Most companies know the influential power of social sites and thus monitor them to see what customers and clients are saying. As such, your short complaint may elicit a quick reaction, more so if you have a huge following. Even then, it is wise to keep things clean and professional when posting your complaints.

  • Place Disputes

If you receive a product or service that failed to meet your expectations based on what was promised by the provider, and you have proof, then you are within your rights if you choose to dispute the charge. If you used your credit card, then the Fair Credit Billing Act protects your interests. Place a complaint to your credit card provider so that they can investigate. Keep in mind that the law is there to help you place your disputes, but it is not a guarantee of a refund.

  • Do Business Elsewhere

At times, you may exercise patience and do your best to have your problems amicably resolved but to no avail. It is best to take your business elsewhere when seems to be no solution offered and the customer services is consistently wanting.

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