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How to Choose a Baby Nursery Theme

Preparing for a new baby is one of the most joyous and exciting experiences while you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your sweet child. I would have to say that decorating the nursery was my favorite for all three of my children. While the decision-making process can be overwhelming at times, following these simple steps can help make the decorating process much more manageable

Go to Pinterest for Inspiration: This tip is a given! Pinterest is the goldmine for inspiration when it comes to creating an idea. Search on Pinterest to discover which color themes, lighting and furniture that you are most in love with. This is also a great way to figure out how you want to arrange furniture. We so quickly fall into traditional ways when it comes to setting up furniture, but seeing how others found creative ways to arrange the nursery is the perfect way to create a unique set up. If you don’t see anything you like there, feel free to look through some baby magazines and online baby room websites to get ideas for decorating your baby’s nursery. There are thousands of resources in print and online that can help you discover new decorating trends and ideas for decorating a baby’s room!

How to Choose a Baby Nursery Theme

Base your decorating theme around a specific canvas art piece: You would be surprised what themes and ideas can be formed from something as simple as a canvas art piece! For example, if you find a baby canvas art piece that you simply adore, you can take the canvas to a paint store and choose corresponding colors for the walls. You can also find matching bedding and other accessories, which will make the canvas are the focal point for your baby’s nursery.
How to Choose a Baby Nursery Theme
76th & Newbury has an elegant selection of baby canvas art for the nursery, there are dozens of canvases to choose from and more than enough to spark some inspiration. Their custom made art prints can be colored in any shade to match your nursery. Many of their baby orders even include a personalized process, complete with a dedicated Design Guru and unlimited revisions! It is so reassuring to know that if you see a piece that you love, but envision it being in a different color, or want to add personalization, or even customize your artwork with a quote that has special meaning to you or your loved one…. those are all possibilities! You are truly going to receive a unique piece that has meaning and love behind it.
How to Choose a Baby Nursery Theme
Carefully select window treatments: I suggest purchasing window treatments that can block out harsh sunlight for better napping and allow sunlight in to make the nursery feel fresh and open. Heavy drapes are a great option and allow you to achieve both of these purposes. Floor-length drapes (in my opinion) should be avoided because the fabric can become entangled around a small child’s neck… plus toddlers love to tug on them and I can’t begin to tell you how many window treatments my little ones have pulled from the walls! Please Avoid using mini blinds, roman shades, or venetian blinds in your child’s nursery as the hanging cords can also present a strangulation hazard.
Baby Proof: Make sure to include safety measures in the design of your baby’s nursery. I know this can seem irrelevant at the time because this is something you won’t have to worry about until your baby can grab, hold, sit up or crawl. But I promise you.. these milestones come so quickly and you will be thankful that you took your baby’s safety and health into consideration right away and baby-proofed the nursery prior to them actually needing those safety measures put in place.

  • Electrical equipment and heavy items should be kept out of reach
  • Electrical outlets should be covered with safety covers
  • Secure electrical cords to ensure baby can’t pull anything off from shelves or furniture
  • Baby cribs, bassinets, changing tables and other accessories should abide by safety standards
Purchase a white noise machine: This is one of the most important pieces that I always make sure to purchase for the nursery! My youngest just recently turned two and she still relies on a white noise machine to be playing while she naps or is sleeping at night. They help to sooth baby and they also assist in blocking outside noises. The barking dog, ringing doorbell or noisy older siblings are no longer constantly waking up baby!
I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps you in creating the perfect nursery theme for baby! Let us know in the comments below if you decided on a nursery canvas for your baby’s nursery and which one you decided on!

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