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How Stay At Home Moms Earn Money From Home

How Stay At Home Moms Earn Money From Home
A special thanks to Lyfepoints for sponsoring today’s conversation!
Moms ask me this all of the time… how can I make money from home? The first thing that I always suggest to them is find ways to; save money, earn money from your purchases and take surveys online. Let me warn you ahead of time though, there are so many fake websites out there so don’t fall for a scam! My most favorite place to earn and save money with is Lyfepoints, a website that offers several opportunities to earn cash and save on your everyday purchases. You can earn cash back at over 10,000 stores which can then be redeemed for credit on your mobile phone bill. Lyfepoints also works with all major carriers including AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile, US Cellular and Verizon
How Stay At Home Moms Earn Money From Home

Mobile phone bills are so expensive these days and I am always hearing people discuss trying to find ways to lower the bill. What if I told you that there are several ways for you to earn credits from Lyfepoints without having to spend any money? This simple and fun website actually gives you ample opportunity to earn credits by printing coupons, taking surveys, requesting free samples, watching videos and referring friends.

When shopping online, take advantage of the deals that can be found on the Lyfepoints website and shop at your favorite brands. A percentage of you spend is rewarded back to you in free airtime. When taking surveys, this requeires you to just give your opinions and you will earn free airtime as a thank you. Make sure to check back often because the surveys are updated regularly. Once you have hit $10, all of your credits will automatically be applied to your account. Simple right? I can honestly say that there is nothing out there that allows you to save so much money on your bill with such little effort and time. Many of these tasks you will be doing already, I mean… how many of us do shopping online? Think Christmas shopping my friends! Shop those savings through Lyfepoints and earn money off your mobile bill… you really can’t go wrong!

The last way to earn credit is with the Lyfepoints referral program. This allows you to earn 10% or 10¢ for every dollar that your referrals earn. So if your friend earns $50 in free airtime, you will receive $5 in your account. The amount you earn has no limits and never ends.


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