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How I Save Money On Designer Bags From Kate Spade

How I Save Money On Designer Bags

When people first see my blog name the word frugal stands out and they immediately associate it with being cheap and not wanting to spend money on nice things. This is in fact far from the truth and something I am often explaining. I love designer bags and own many… but I have never paid full price for them! You know why? Because I know how to shop for expensive items and have found simple ways to save on the retail price… that is what makes me frugal. I am so excited to share with you how I save money on designer bags at Kate Spade!

The first bit of advice that I want to share with you is to NEVER look for coupons and savings in a search engine. You are going to hit so many dead ends, click on dozens of expired coupons and go in circles trying to find a valid promo code. Trust me… just don’t do it!

How I Save Money On Designer Bags

The best solution to finding valid promo codes? Find a source that has done all of the hard work for you! Utilize a website that has a system in place that will verify the authenticity of a promo code and only list ones that are valid… all on one convenient place! Sounds amazing right? Well it is and I have saved so much time and frustration by using the website Dealspotr to help me save money!

Dealspotr is like the Google search engine for just deals! You are only going to find accurate information on the deals at the specific store you are interested in shopping at. Dealspotr is an up-to-date database containing all of the best deals online. They organize information for tens of thousands of new deals everyday and keep the information updated in real-time.

Getting back to the topic of designer bags, it can be said that these stores very rarely have promo codes available for customers. So I am going to take you on a little journey and show you how simple Dealspotr makes it to find these rare promo codes. One of my favorite stores to shop at is Kate Spade, but let’s face it… promo codes are rare and far in between.

How I Save Money On Designer Bags

Just a simple search on Dealspotr reveals all of the ways you can save money when shopping for Kate Spade products. You can see that they show all of the deals on each website that is currently offering a deal.

How I Save Money On Designer Bags

I went ahead and clicked on the deal that promised “15% Off + Free Shipping on Your First Purchase at Kate Spade” and it brought me to a new page. As you can see in the image above, there is a code for you to copy and even advice from other shoppers on how to successfully score this deal! The next step I took was clicking on the text that brought me directly to the Kate Spade website.

How I Save Money On Designer Bags

Once I chose my bag and added it to the cart, I was then promoted to insert any promo code that I may have. I pasted the code I grabbed on the Dealspotr website and instantly got exactly what was promised! The only downside to this particular offer is that it is available on first time orders, which is definitely not me! So what does a frequent shopper do in this circumstance?

Dealspotr has built an amazing community where members can upload single-use coupons and referral codes that will give friends and family-type discounts! Dealspotr also shows third party codes, which are discount codes at other retailers that can be used to score discounts on the particular brand you are looking for.
So before you click that button t confirm your purchase on a new designer bag from Kate Spade (and any other brand you love) make sure to connect with the community on Dealspotr to ensure you are getting the best deal possible! This will take such little time and effort and your wallet will be so happy you did it as well!
Here is another way to save!
If you use my personal referral promo code, you will receive an extra +2,000 points when you join and complete the new user checklist and post their first valid deal. During registration you must click on my dealspotr referral link or enter my promo code MISSFRUGALMOMMY  to earn this amazing bonus.

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