Making Travel Plans to Visit Cambodia

Cambodia is a great place for new travelers and old travelers alike. But, the issue when you’re planning any vacation is all of the planning. We have brought together the information you need to make travel plans to visit Cambodia. Starting with the best time to visit and ending with the final arrangements.

When’s the Best Time to Visit Cambodia?

Travelers have 2 schools of thought when it comes to planning a trip. You can visit a country when it’s at its most comfortable climate, or you can visit a country when the tourist season is over. Unfortunately, many travelers will wait to visit a country until the climate is more forgiving, rather than visit during hot months.

But, that means that if you want to avoid crowds, you’ll need to go when the temperature and humidity are probably at their worst. But, Cambodia is warm all year round. That means that it might not matter when you go.

The deciding factor here might come down to rain. The wet season here is from May to October. The dry season is from November to March. Many travelers prefer to go during the dry season. You’ll see more tourists between November and March.

Budgeting for Your Vacation

Cambodia is a very cheap vacation to plan. But you still want to lay out and stick to a budget. There are plenty of vacation budgeting apps and online tools to help you with your travel plans. Without a doubt, you will save money if you budget and plan.

Most people make hotel reservations, guided tours, and transportation part of their overall travel plans. When marking out your itinerary be sure to leave enough time to enjoy the day. Cambodia is a slow-moving country so having rushed plans may throw your entire vacation into a frenzy.

Always account for experiences in your budget as well. A thoroughly planned budget can take a lot of the stress off of your day-to-day activities during travel. Less travel stress makes for a better vacation.

Packing for Cambodia

Many people aren’t sure how to make packing part of their travel plans when they are going to a conservative and hot country. Throughout many western nations, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear short shorts or tank tops on hot days. But, Cambodia associates conservative dress with respect. How you dress is exceptionally important in religious monuments such as Angor.

Pack a lot of cotton because it breaths easily and is very light. You should consider packing both sneakers and comfortable sandals as you may spend time both in the city and on a beach. Footwear should always be comfortable.

Temple outfits are the hot topic here. For both men and women, you must pack something that covers both your knees and shoulders. Many women find that long flowing dresses or skirts are more comfortable in the heat than jeans.

Finally, don’t forget to pack sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. Protect your skin and eyes from the bright sun!

Making Travel Arrangements

The fine details of Cambodian travel plans revolve around information. You’ll need your passport of course, but you’ll also need a visa to enter Cambodia You can save yourself a lot of time if you get a visa ahead of time.

You’ll also want to pay any custom or airport taxes before flying. Finally, you want to collect information that will help you in the worst case scenario. Although you might not want to think about it, there are the rare occasions when people have medical emergencies or legal issues while on vacation.

Whenever you are traveling, you should have your countries embassy information and travel medical insurance.

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