Home Sick? Enjoy These 12 Titles on Netflix

Home Sick? Enjoy These 12 Titles on Netflix

I have to say that this winter has been one of the sickest our family has ever been! From stomach bugs to chest colds, I feel as if we haven’t caught a break from sickness in these last two months. Fortunately we have a cozy living room that has been a place we all go to rest and recuperate. What better way to raise our spirits than to indulge in some good ol’ family comedy? Daddy Daycare is one of my most favorite comedies that has me laughing until I can’t breath… every single time! We also found ourselves immediately in love with the adorable and comical movie Hoodwinked. As it began getting closer to my daughter returning to school, I decided it would be best for her to rest up while engaging in a more educational show. I found myself instantly overwhelmed with memories of watching The Magic School Bus as a child. I was even more delighted to find that this show was available on Netflix and could not wait to introduce it to my daughter.  This show was a huge hit with the kids and they found themselves anxious to keep learning, what more could a mother ask for!?

Turn sniffles into giggles with these hilarious picks:

Daddy Day Care
Honey We Shrunk Ourselves
Escape from Planet Earth
Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Show your kids that even their favorite characters get sick with episodes of these TV shows:

Magic School Bus
Sesame Street
Adventures of Chuck
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood


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