5 Great Weight Watchers Blogs You Should Follow

5 Great Weight Watchers Blogs You Should Follow

The popular term ‘blog’, originally coined as an online virtual diary, has sinse grown to offer so much more. As a Weight Watchers member there are hundreds of blogs intended to help encourage, support, and help you through your weight loss journey.

Because not all blogs are created equal, here are five great ones every Weight Watchers member should tune into weekly and follow.

Matthew of Weight Loss Triumph provides coupons for Weight Watchers. He searches the web for the best deals and promotion codes and he publishes them in his site on a monthly basis. Whether it is a 30% off the Monthly Pass or $25 discount on Weight Watchers Online, you will find it at

This blog, written by a middle aged mom is not just another success story sharing how she conquered weight loss. No, through her blog she shares her journey day in and day out as she battles the same battles you do. Her blog supplies readers with a wealth of real life tips, cook book reviews, new foods, and comical honesty when it comes to all things health.

In this fun and very informative blog Amanda shares her story and challenges others. As an active Weight Watchers member for three years Amanda has hit her goal weight, and is now working to maintain her new skinnier figure, 91 lb lighter. Amanda runs 5K in 26 minutes and 8k in 46 minutes. She finished her first Marathon in Chicago in less than 5 hours. She is in an great shape! A change from the norm, her blog focuses on keeping the weight off in addition to losing, eating well, and fitness.

 GetToGoal_Amanda is a blog dedicated to revamping the way you eat, Weight Watchers style. As a current Weight Watchers member Jenn knows how it feels to be at your heaviest, your skinniest, and everything in between. Here you will find Jenn’s struggles and triumphs over food providing her readers with recipes, tips, successes stories, and all the humor and daily living in between.

Join Annie by tuning into her blog, where you can read not only about her personal Weight Watchers journey but also be inspired by her tips, stories, and advice. In her first WW meeting she weighed 292 lb being a size 24. In less than 2 years she lost 70 lb. Through her blog she touches on subjects like determination, NSV’s, goals, willpower and so much more all through a Christian perspective connecting faith and weight loss goals.

It doesn’t matter where you are when it comes to your weight loss journey. Weather your just getting started and need a boost, been doing it for years and love staying up on the latest weight loss tips, or at your goal and keeping it off, there’s a blog out there that will peak your interest and keep you coming back to read more.

Blogs can serve as a great resource as you continue your Weight Watchers journey. Sit back, relax, and read on… soaking up the advice, tips, personal stories, recipes and more.

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