Health Benefits From The Ocean

Health Benefits From The OceanFor most of us, the ocean is something that we don’t give a lot of time and thought to. It might be something you visit for a holiday, spending your time paddling in the salty water and splashing about with your kids – but for the most part, it’s just there. That’s arguably the way it should be, too – there are few things more constant and wonderful than the endless lapping of the sea.

The ocean is not just about the occasional fun in the sun and excitement on the beach, though. Providing you know where to look and how to use what you find, there’s actually a myriad benefits for human health that come straight from the depths. So while you may forget about the ocean for months at a time, perhaps there is a reason you could stand to remember a little more often.

Salt Water

Let’s start basic: salt water in and of itself is well worth a moment of appreciation. From the earliest method of cleaning a wound to helping ease the symptoms of eczema, the very essence of the ocean itself is well worth a moment of appreciation. If you suffer from any skin condition, there’s a good chance a dip in the sea could see you feeling better than you have in months – it’s reason enough for a specialist day trip!

Algae / Seaweed

You only need to glance over these AlgaeCal reviews to see just how beneficial algae is to human health, especially if you have concerns over bone density disorders. Seaweed is also recognized to help with appetite control, which can be crucial if you’re trying to lose weight. Enjoy seaweed in supplement form and when used in sushi recipes.

Sea Sponges

Sea sponges are about the best way of cleaning your skin there is; sustainable, naturally antibacterial, and more environmentally-friendly than the human-made alternatives. If you opt for a rougher sponge (they tend to come in grades of softness), then they are a perfect method of exfoliation too.

Oily Fish

If there was to be a crowned champion of the healthiest food in the world, then there’s a good chance that oily fish would be the winner. It’s packed full of omega 3 and 6, which are essential for muscle and joint health. There are even studies linking omega 3 with easing the symptoms of neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD.

Barefoot Time

The idea of barefoot time is simple; when we make direct contact with bare feet to the earth, it’s said to help alleviate stress and promote a sense of well-being. If you walk out into the ocean, then it’s about the purest method of barefoot time you’re going to be able to get – just remember not to go too far and risk going outside of your depth!

So there you have it. While you can of course just swim and splash in the sea, it turns out there’s plenty more that we have to thank it for. Next time you’re nearby, pay a visit or sample its wares – you’ll almost certainly be the better off for it.

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