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Having a Chic Home with Children

When your family grows, you may feel like your home becomes overrun with children’s toys and essentials. This doesn’t mean that you can’t also add a splash of your own personality and designs that you love, while still making it a pleasant environment for all who live there. You may need to make some compromises on design to ensure the safety of your children, but there may also need to be some alterations made to the areas available to children for play so that you also get that much-needed enjoyment of your living space.

Optimizing Lighting

Making your rooms look brighter can also help to create an illusion of a larger living space. On top of this, you will also then be able to see where your children have left their toys, thus minimizing the likelihood of Lego underfoot, or items lurking for weeks on end in otherwise dark corners. By using some good quality bulbs, such as E27 LED bulbs at LED Hut, you can also reduce the frequency in which you need to replace items. The light fixtures themselves will be down to your discretion. You may opt to have color schemes in each room, that lampshades and floor or table lamps must fit. When purchasing new lighting, keep in mind the likelihood of your child breaking the item, or even causing themselves injury or your home damage should they grab onto it.

Wipe Clean Walls

Some makes and types of paint may be more beneficial for decorating your home, particularly if your walls are likely to become encumbered with sticky hands, pen, and other dirt from children touching them. Opting for wall paints that are washable can help prevent your walls from becoming permanently ruined by your children, giving your rooms a lived-in feel, without the need to redecorate so frequently. These paints can also be preferable to wallpaper, which can easily be drawn on or ripped by little fingers.

Consider Flooring Materials

If you want to make your home look fantastic, you may also wish to consider giving the floors a bit of an overhaul. The materials you use may depend on the age of your children, your budget, design ideas, and how long you want it to last. Carpet can be a good idea for younger children, as it offers more cushioning and protection for falls, however there is more of a risk of damage to the carpet itself from accidents, spills and even craft time. On the other hand, wood or tiled flooring may be sturdier, and less likely to become damaged or stained, yet it will not provide your child with adequate protection should they fall on it.

Finding the balance between chic design and the needs of your child may seem tricky, but it isn’t impossible. By factoring in your budget, how reckless your child may be, and even ideas of designs that you, your partner, and even your children love, you can come up with some wonderful ideas.

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