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Great Redecorating On A Not-So-Great Budget

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful home, but sometimes budgetary limitations make people think that good home décor is simply out of their reach. If you’re on a tight budget, there’s plenty you can do to refresh your home, without spending what you can’t afford. Here’s a list of some of the cheap and effective things you can do to redecorate a worn-out home.

Purge Anything Unsightly

Long before you start thinking about the new items you can and can’t afford to buy, you need to consider the things that you can get rid of. If you’ve got any worn, dated, or damaged items in your home it could be doing the whole mien a major disservice. Start off by going through your home and purging anything that doesn’t mesh with your new vision, provided it’s not absolutely essential. Doing this will give your home a clean slate that you can then work on gradually developing. Whether it’s brash vertical blinds or artwork that you used just to stop the walls looking bare, get rid of it, or at least put it in storage.

Go Eclectic

When it comes to established home décor styles, eclectic sensibilities are often the easiest to replicate and be inspired by. This is because eclectic design is all about mixing elements from different styles, rather than sticking to things that you know are going to match. You’ll have no issues in having to find that particular side table, or that particular pattern on the drapes. That’s well before you think about any lofty, expensive antiques! Keel over to your more bohemian side, and shopping for all your different décor pieces will become instantly more affordable.

Search for Sales

While it’s not always the case, with a lot of décor pieces and furniture, you get what you pay for. If you really want some pieces that are out of your price range, start off by looking at pre-owned sites such as Gumtree. Then, if you come out empty handed, start looking for sales on more mainstream high-end stores. Major sales can be few and far between, but you’d be surprised at the deals you can get from some relatively high-end names. Some of these Brosa’s designer rugs, for example, have had their prices cut down majorly from what they originally went on sale for.


Custom curtains and upholstery can be gorgeous, but will be simply out of your reach if you’re on a tight budget. Instead for things you can’t have, consider customizing the things you already own. Think about painting the borders of a simple end table with a contrasting color, or adding some iron-on trim to the curtains you already have. Filling the interior of a bookcase with some retro wallpaper can also be very effective. Yes, clumsy attempts at customization have the potential to backfire, and too much of it in one home can get confusing and oversaturated. However, some carefully applied creative DIY can refresh your interior for a tiny fraction of what you’d usually pay.

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