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Frugal Flooring Fit For The Family

Frugal Flooring Fit For The Family

When you are trying to save money, flooring may seem out of your budget. But, if you have just moved into a new home or your current flooring desperately needs replacing, it may be essential, and you can cover the cost for much less than you would think! Luxury Flooring & Furnishings are here to show you how you can choose flooring that is not only gorgeous in your home, but practical for families and affordable for all.

LVT and laminate

These are the cheapest hard flooring options on the market. They replicate wood, stone or tile looks, and work well in conditions imposed by families and busy households. For example, laminate is scratch-resistant and anti-static, whereas Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) are water resistant given they use no natural products like wood that can warp or shrink with moisture. This also makes them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, in which carpet and wood floors are not recommended. Laminate is the cheaper of the two, justified by LVT’s better ability to resist water.

Classic Carpet

Carpet is a classic, and for a reason! It makes a house a home, and helps your feet feel warm and comfortable.  Not only that, but it’s same enough for young children to crawl around or sit on, and not risk injury if they fall. You might consider avoiding carpet if you have pets, as they may make a mess that will be harder to clean that on alternative flooring types. We do however recommend carpet in living rooms and bedrooms, whereas bathrooms and kitchens would be better with LVT and laminate, or wood, respectively.

To save even more money, why not use an area rug? This option works better when you have a wood, tile, vinyl or laminate floor down already, as the edges of the flooring can be left bare for a more attractive bordered effect. Even large rugs can be extremely cheap, so it’s not just small rooms that will benefit from this method!


Engineered wood flooring is perfect for families. This is because any mess can easily be cleaned up, whether it is splashes from baking, water from spilled drinks, or mud dragged in from your pets. They are also highly durable given they can last 25 years, and even longer with timely sanding. You will need to sand and refinish the floor every 10-15 years, and this can occur once per mm of wear layer the floor has. We advise engineered wood over solid wood flooring as it is a fraction of the price for a product that looks identical but is more resistant to high temperature, moisture and humidity. This is because it uses plywood layers with a solid wood layer on top. Although a higher up front cost than carpet, LVT or laminate, you will never need to worry about buying flooring again.

As you can see, there are many floors to help save money in your home, although we do recommend mixing and matching options depending on the nature of the environment. Which is your favourite?

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  1. My go-to flooring will be the wood ever since then It’s been my first choice. I love the durability of it yet stylish. Anyways, great post. Thank you for sharing them.

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