How Tens Units Help Athletes Manage Pain

Many people, most especially athletes, require regular pain management practices in order to keep their bodies in good shape. Be it in the neck, back, arm or any other part of the body, pain should be managed regularly to avoid impairing the body.

Moreover, chronic pain is likely to set in as a result of laborious tasks or constant sports activities. And if such pain isn’t treated properly, its victim has a high tendency of suffering muscular impairment.

There are various therapeutic modes for athletes to alleviate chronic pain affecting the muscles or joints. While some of these therapeutic modes include medication, certain others don’t and as such, they are likely the best options for athletes intending to relieve themselves of pain quickly enough. One of the easiest ways to relieve chronic pain naturally is by wearing shoe inserts. Protalus points out that our body’s weight rests on our feet, which is why proper alignment of the ankle increases the comfort of our steps.

This article sheds light upon ”TENS unit” as one of the safest medication-free alternatives for athletes to alleviate chronic pain. Whether you’re an athlete or just anyone battling chronic pain, you’ll likely need to read this article to find out how a wireless tens unit works.

Meaning of a TENS Unit

Fully known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation unit, a TENS unit is an electric nerve stimulation mode that simply relieves joints and muscles of pain. Using low-voltage pulses, a TENS unit stimulates pain reduction in affected body parts and may be used by different breeds of people including laborers, athletes, weekend warriors, etc.

Basically, a TENS unit comes with electrodes which release safe electrical pulses into painful body parts in order to contract them. This contraction, of the affected bodily parts, enables the body to relax hence stimulating the recovery of worn-out bodily tissues.

Any people, as well as athletes with worn-out or sore muscles, can safely use a TENS unit to quickly relieve their muscles of pain. Although it only gives temporary relief, a TENS unit remains among the best therapeutic modes for anyone intending to recover from muscular pain safely and early enough.

Using a TENS Unit

Decide the Suitable Therapy for Your Type of Pain

In utilizing a TENS unit in the best way, you first have to ascertain your type of pain and then choose the suitable therapy for it. Your sort of pain could be backache or arm pain and once you’re sure of what it is, you can specify an intensity level for its therapy. On the one hand, TENS unit programs can relieve various bodily parts of pain and on the other, they can be used in place of each other.

What Sensation Should an Effective Program Give?

Using a TENS unit may be associated with varying sensations from genial muscular contractions to sensations similar to those of massages. For any TENS unit program, it’s advisable that you begin with low intensity and keep up a gradual increase in intensity. You should switch to another program or lessen

the intensity any time you begin experiencing a harsh sensation. However, it’s advisable that you augment the intensity if the sensation dies down or reduces.

For How Long Should a Therapy Session Last?

Perhaps, you may wonder how many minutes a therapy session should last. While it’s favorable that you begin with a session lasting about 12-15 minutes, it’s also advisable that you switch off the unit regularly and keep the pads on.

Moreover, you can determine how well you’ve progressed with your pain therapy during a session by checking your rate of pain; 10 indicates a high pain rate while 1 indicates a low pain rate. Most advisable, ensure you terminate your therapy session once you notice a stop or reduction in pain.

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