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Four Ideas to Refurbish Furniture That Won’t Cost You a Ton

Redecorating your house may be an expensive process, especially if you plan on buying new furniture. However, you can achieve a change in scenery by refurbishing some of your old stuff. Refurbishing furniture is an increasingly popular method that allows people to get creative with their houses while cutting costs and saving money. Here are a few topnotch ideas that can help you start refurbishing old furniture.

Organize and Sell

The key to starting redecoration is to organize the items you think no longer fits your plans. There are items in your house that you feel no longer has value for you. However, you can still make a profit using them. Consider having a garage sale on the furniture or other belongings you do not need. In doing so, you will be able to fund your redecoration project. You can purchase the necessary items you will need to restore old furniture or buy second-hand items for lesser prices.

Start a Thorough Cleaning Process

It is challenging to maintain furniture because of your busy daily routines. Because of your schedule, you may notice that your furniture is building up with dust and dirt. If you wish to refurbish furniture, you must first clean them. Use paper towels to eliminate dust before washing. Removing dust will give you a better look at the furniture. If you think you can still restore a piece of furniture you dusted, you may start on trying to remove dirt. All you have to do is add white vinegar in water to disinfect and eliminate grease. White vinegar and water are everyday household items, which will save tons of money. There is a chance that your furniture will look brand new after a thorough scrubbing, giving you a way to redecorate or restore it.

Repaint and Restore Furniture

Wooden furniture tends to get an old and dull color over time. However, you can still give it a new life instead of throwing it away. Repainting stuff is one of the best ways you can restore wooden furniture. All you have to do is go to the nearest hardware store to buy paint sprayers, which can be used for DIY painting. You will also need sandpaper to scrub off splinters and dirty areas.

You can also get creative with your preferred color of the paint. You may consider matching the color with your wall or choose to go for paint that will match the furniture’s old design. New paints job will work well on furniture like tables, chairs, bookshelves, and coffee tables. It will also do fine in fences, wooden gates, and doors. Your guests will think that you have a brand new item in your house, unaware that you restored your furniture. If you want to check on the reviews for the best paint sprayers, you can view more on paintsprayers.reviews

You may decide to throw away metal furniture if you find rust and dirt on them. However, you can also refurbish them without spending too much. Using a wire brush, you can remove rust and grime with ease. After taking out rust and dirt, you need to wash metal furniture with water. Leave the furniture to dry before applying a primer or metal paint. You can restore old metal furniture like outdoor patio chairs, bed frames, and tables to their shiny appearances when you follow the steps to restoration.

Get Creative with New Decorations

When you are done with repainting and restoring furniture, you can start buying decorative stencils to add quality. You will find that redecoration is the most exciting part of refurbishing furniture. The activity allows you to entertain numerous ideas on how to make your items look good. You can replace

old knobs in a drawer with stencils that will match their personalities. You can apply your drawing skills to add spice to your furniture. You can also write motivational quotes on furniture if you want. The design choices are yours to make, which is a satisfying reward after restoring old furniture.

Refurbishing will give old furniture a new life and purpose. Compared to buying new furniture, restoring old items will help save you a lot of money and give you a creative outlet. Refurbishing takes patience and hard work. However, the results will be satisfying because your furniture will add value and quality in your life.


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    Great tips and post about furniture. I personally really enjoy doing it during my free time. I love using the stencils to spruce up the item!

    It’s also a creative idea for extra cash when you need it most.

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