Five Things You Should Teach Your Kids To Do

With your children being exposed to everything all the time in the internet age, it can be quite simple for them to miss out on practical skills that will help them in life. In a study conducted by AVG Technologies, the results show that 58 percent of 3 to 5-year-olds can navigate a smartphone, only 15 percent can make their own breakfast. Many experts have discovered that parents have been leaning towards providing everything their children need instead of teaching them to do things on their own. Here are five things you can start with to help your kids to improve towards independence.

1. Doing Laundry – So many teenagers head on to university with no clue how to clean their clothes. You should not allow your child to become one of those clueless college kids. You can teach your children even as young as six years old. If you have a top-loading washing machine, just get a stool in handy, so your kid can gain some height. Go explain each of the processes like measuring, pouring the fabric conditioner and detergent, choosing the settings, and turning the washing machine on. You might encounter a few mistakes along the way, but you and your children can treat this as a great way to have bonding and adventures.

2. Gardening and Growing a Plant – The world is continually trying to kill plants and cut down trees, why not reverse the process and start a garden with your kids? You can begin by planting sprouts in tiny pots and then leveling up to transferring them to a real-sized garden. Starting is simple, help your kid dig a hole that is slightly larger than the container the seedling is in. Let your child place the seedling then put fertile soil around the plan then pat the soil down. Teach your child the importance of water and sunlight to your plants and give him or her a watering can. Allowing your children a chance to start gardening will instill in them a sense of environmentalism and love for nature.

3. Cooking Simple Meals – One major thing you would want your child to learn, at least before they move out of the house, is to prepare a few basic meals. Don’t hesitate to invite your child to cook with you and just stay calm whenever they make mistakes like spills or cuts. There is a long list of easy assemble meals that you can start with simple fried things, omelets, smoothies, pizzas, or salads. Don’t forget to enjoy while staying focused on safety. Who knows, your child may fall in love with culinary arts and decide to be a chef someday. Worst case scenario? Your child won’t starve or live on takeout and delivery.

4. First Aid and Treating Simple Wounds – As your child grows up and gets more active, they become more exposed to cuts, falls, or bruises. This is not something they can expect to lessen as they grow up, and you will not always be around to tend to their injuries. From a young age, you can teach your offspring not to panic when they see blood. It helps to prepare yourself not to panic too much, too. Allow your child to learn to apply pressure to stop the bleeding, rinsing the wound with soap and water, putting antibiotic ointments, and applying bandages. Of course, some injuries take a little more attention and care, which is why purchasing a high quality bleeding control kit would be a great item for them to have so that they are always prepared for an emergency. These are also incredibly useful to those with clotting issues, which is something many children have to understand from a small age. 

5. Sewing and Repairing Clothes – Another useful life skill that you can begin teaching your kids is the art of sewing. Sewing is like an art of patience, plus, it is actually beneficial for fixing your loose clothes or placing back a free button. You can begin your child’s sewing adventure by deciding on a project that would fit their current skill levels. Know that mastering sewing takes a lot of practice. You can let your child begin with hand stitches then transitioning to beginner sewing machines. There are many sewing machines that you can buy so check them out thoroughly so you can pick the best one among the bunch.

It would be nice to think about having your children stay small, cute, and dependent forever. But reality will knock sooner than you expect. Invest in educating your children to be independent and ready to face the real world, so that you are assured that they can stand alone wherever life may bring them.

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