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Flushing Away Your Money And 5 Other Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Consider the humble bathroom. Possibly the most overlooked room in the house, and yet one of the most essential. On a practical level, this is the room where we come to get clean each day, as well as depositing our unmentionables down the loo. It’s also a place of refuge, somewhere to close the door and enjoy a few brief moments of privacy away from the family.

So when it comes to your next bathroom renovation, you want to get it right. You won’t get the peace and relaxation you need if the bath has wrongly been placed on the ceiling and the toilet is facing the wrong way. They are two bathroom mistakes you are unlikely to make, but here are some common ones.

Flushing your money down the pan

Not literally, but then anything is possible! Rather, make sure you plan and budget for what you need. Go online, price up the fixtures and fittings, and buy something reliable but cost-effective. It pays to shop around, so while you may crave gold plated taps, they may be out of your price range.

Going it alone

You may be a DIY whizzkid, but remember you are dealing with plumbing and plaster work. Any blunder on your part could prove costly. Instead, consider hiring a specialist company such as Unify Constructions who have renovation experience, rather than trying to do everything yourself.

Forgetting ventilation

Ever noticed the telltale signs of mold on your wall and ceiling? That’s because your bathroom may not be properly ventilated. The room will get damp, but simply opening a window won’t solve the problem. You need to install an exhaust fan to extract the steam from your hot showers. You should also paint the wall with something mold-resistant as an extra measure.

Not being practical

Every room in your house needs to be practical to live in, and the bathroom is no exception. You need to use the space you have and ensure that everything is placed accordingly, such as not having the bath too close to the loo. Then focus on storage space, and only put in what you need. Packing too much into your bathroom is going to make it look cluttered, and it will be difficult to navigate. You will ruin your sense of tranquility, as well.

Using the wrong materials

The material you use in the bathroom needs to be waterproof and impervious to moisture. A wooden flooring is a nice feature, but some wooden materials will swell and become discolored over time. We recommend you use hardwoods, such as teak, walnut or cedar. For bathroom cabinets, use plywood. Have a look at these ideas for your bathroom walls, and seek professional advice for anything you are unsure about.

Focusing on trends

Finally, remember that trends can change quickly. You can always repaint your bathroom over time, but your fixtures and fittings are another matter. So whether you are renovating for yourself, or are planning to sell your home, focus on something with broad appeal. You will save yourself extra expense in the long run.

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  1. Sometimes a simple mistake can cost you a bit more than you never thought like that. A perfect planning is needed for starting any renovation project. There you should add these mistakes to avoid. Nice tips to avoid….

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