Turn Up The Heat With Summer Fiesta Taco Boats

  taco1 If you were to ask me the one meal my family never grows tired of and could eat all of the time, I would immediately say “tacos!” I swear we have tacos at least once a week and no one ever complains about it, they are usually the ones that suggested it for dinner in the first place. I am always looking for ways to mix our favorite meal up and I figured what better way then to throw a fun summer fiesta and create taco boats. Old El Paso has been helping families spice up meal planning since 1917! From shells to seasonings, Old El Paso helps you create fun and flavorful fiesta meals. I recently discovered the fabulous taco boats, which are super easy to fill, hold and eat. The Old El Paso Soft Tortilla Taco Boats make it even more fun to spoon in your favorite fillings (they come in a mini size, too). My kids just love these little boats and I am so fond of what little mess they can make with them. You never have to worry about fillings falling out and will get a mouthful of your favorite toppings with every single bite.  taco3 Check out these other products from Ole El Paso that are sure to spice up your summer fiesta! Tortillas – Delicious flour Tortillas made especially for tacos and fajitas and burritos. Simply wrap around your favorite ingredients. Crunchy –  Deliciously crunchy taco shells are shells ready to fill with your favorite meats, cheese and fresh Avocados from Mexicofor a Mexican fiesta. Stand ‘n Stuff – Create super tacos with Old El Paso crunchy Stand ‘n Stuff Taco Shells, ready to hold your favorite ingredients amount. Dinner Kits – Dinner kits with crunchy corn tacos AND flour tortillas, plus taco seasoning mix and taco sauce. Refried Beans – Add Refried Beans for that extra touch of flavor and texture, or use our Beans to enhance any Mexican dish. Chilies – Chopped up and ready-to-go, Green Chiles are the perfect addition for Mexican cooking. taco2 One ingredient that I can always get the kids to add to their tacos without complaint are avocados… a super healthy veggie! Whether you’re feeding a family of five like me or entertaining a large group of friends, avocados from Mexico are always the perfect addition to any meal. Is there seriously any other fruit that is more versatile than the avocado? You can slice it, dice it, smash it, or serve it whole. It tastes great at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and makes guacamole to accompany any fiesta dish! In fact, it is such a good side dish that Americans consume 1.4 billion pounds of guacamole every year! taco4 Are you ready to host a summer fiesta at your home? taco5  


8 thoughts on “Turn Up The Heat With Summer Fiesta Taco Boats

  1. I would love to make the Healthy Farmer’s Market Veggie Burritos and I love to smear avocado on my turkey burger.

  2. My favorite twist on guacamole is to add spicy sauce. I’ll like to make Zesty Chicken & Avocado Ten Minute Tacos.

  3. i would love to make the roundup corncake appetizers! guac with some plain greek yogurt is good

  4. I would want to try the Easy Beef 10 Minute Taco Boats. I love to add guacamole to my brown rice for a fun side dish.

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