Easy Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

According to reports, there are an impressive 10.8 million pet cats in the UK. This means 26% of households have a furry friend behind their front door. If you’re one of them, you’ll know only too well the benefits that come attached. Unlike dogs, cats are low maintenance, independent, and surprisingly quiet.

For your cat to thrive and lead its best life, a large part of this is down to you, the owner. Whatever breed of cat you have or how old they are, here are some useful tips to keep them happy and healthy.

Provide the ‘Purrfect’ Diet

What you feed your cat has a huge effect on their health and wellbeing. To put it simply, cats are meat-eaters. This means you’ll need to provide lots of protein to keep their heart healthy, have good vision, and have a strong immune system. You can purchase dry food, treats, and senior cat food from Applaws. Their dry cat food is grain-free and made with 80% animal protein which is sure to keep your cat happy and healthy.

Keep Their Litter Box Clean

Your cat craves a clean place to eliminate. If it isn’t to their standard, they’ll often hold their waste. Unfortunately, this can result in bladder or kidney damage. It’s your job to clean their litter box daily, as well as keep odours down. If you have an outdoor cat, you won’t have to worry about taking this step. But, if yours roams indoors, you must get on top of keeping their litter box clean.

Comb Your Furry Friend

There are an array of benefits attached to grooming your cat. For one, this helps boost their muscle tone. Secondly, combing your cat stimulates their skin to produce oils, which leaves your feline with a healthy, shiny coat. Your cat will eradicate some hair when they groom selves, but daily help from yourself can get rid of most of the loose hair. Of course, some cats are more willing to accept your help than others, so bear this in mind, otherwise, you may be left with some nasty scratches!

Keep Life Interesting

Like with any animal, your cat needs entertainment and stimulation. If you find your feline is lounging around with a sad look on its face, it’s time to do something about it. Play chasing, buying toys, and creating places for your cat to hide is sure to bring some happiness into their lives. You’ll find some cats are more than content sitting in a cardboard box!

See Your Vet

Unlike humans, cats can’t exactly say when they’re in pain or distress. Their meowing could mean anything, so if you have any worries or concerns, don’t hesitate in taking them to the vet. Only a professional will be able to examine your feline and provide the answers.

Cats may ooze cuteness, but they can be challenging to care for, especially if they’re indoors all the time. Your feline is a natural hunter and will get bored easily. Therefore, understanding their basic needs is a must for raising a healthy pet that can live with you in peace and harmony.

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