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Discover An Exceptional Gaming Experience With The HP Envy TouchSmart

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Experience Exceptional Gaming experience With The HP Envy TouchSmart #AMDFX

So I am totally about to expose my inner geek here for you all… prior to having kids, my husband and I were big time gamers! YES, we stayed up unimaginable hours beating missions and leveling character on some of our favorite PVP games. Much has changed since that time and as a mother of three now, my gaming days are far behind me and my hobbies have changed substantially. My husband on the other time, despite working a very demanding job, continues to squeeze in any bit of gaming he can get with his limited amount of free time. The man actually built a gaming computer so he means business when it comes to his computer games. Unfortunately he has to travel a lot for work and is always working on a laptop. For those that can’t dedicate themselves to a desktop computer for gaming, the HP Envy TouchSmart 15.6” touch screen laptop is your next feasible option… and here is why:

  • This laptop provides extreme performance of AMD’s most powerful mobile processor to deliver exceptional Gaming and Entertainment experience (AMD FX Special Edition APU)
  • The HP Envy TouchSmart 15.6” touch screen laptop  makes multitasking a breeze so you can spend more time with your family!  The Quick AMD FX series processor is great for daily tasks such as managing your personal life or streaming movies or videos and provides great video quality for gaming or catching up on your favorite youtube videos.
  • The AMD FX Special Edition APU introduces mobile systems with AMD’s highest performing APUs, exclusive at Best Buy. When you are looking for a notebook, the AMD FX Special Edition APU will provide you with unbelievable performance, gaming and productivity. Plus, with the new FX APU powered notebook, be unbeatable and experience the processing power of 10 compute cores (4 CPU + 6 GPU)**!
  • Unbelievable PC Performance
  • Exceptional Gaming and Entertainment Experience
  • Mega-Multitasking
  • Award Winning Graphics


So basically this laptop contains everything in order to provide you with the most exceptional gaming and entertainment experience! If you are as busy and out of sorts as I am, ordering online is always the best option, which is perfect because you can score free shipping on this laptop right now! Or if you are a bit more ambitions then I am, choose the store pickup option and your order will be ready in as little as 45 minutes.

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  1. HP’s devices are known for their solid construction. At just about any cost level, you can get a reliable, strong laptop. HP is a trustworthy brand that has established its reputation on quality.

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