Save Your Precious Time & Money This Tax Season With TaxACT

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Save Your Precious Time & Money This Tax Season With TaxAct

Tax season is such a stressful time for so many people and it can be quite an intimidating process when deciding where to begin. Where do you go, what paperwork do you need, can you file online, do you need a professionals help… how much is this going to cost me and how much time am I in for? These are all reasonable questions and I am so excited to share with you today a way to save your precious time and money this tax season with TaxAct! They offer a free federal tax filing system with simple and complex tax forms… for free! This is ideal for itemizes, investments, interest, dividends, sole proprietors, LLCs and landlords. They also guarantee a maximum refund fast, 100% and free tax help & audit support. The deluxe federal filing system allows you to import prior year TaxACT data, import investments, form 1099s, Schedule K-1s and more. You will receive maximize deductions for donations, free tax help and audit support, bonus free phone support, all for just $12.99. The ultimate bundle is the best tax preparation value which includes deluxe, State and free e-files. You can finish & e-file your state taxes in minutes, receive free tax help & audit support, bonus free phone support and a price Lock Guarantee of just $21.99! These are seriously some amazing prices and the top notch customer service will allow you the convenience of filing from the comfort of your own home. Life is busy and stressful enough, the last thing you need is to worry about getting your taxes filed properly and on time. Thankfully you have a great place like TaxACT who has your back this tax season!


TaxACT is available in both software and Web-based versions and offers users two ways to enter data: the interview format, or the forms-based entry method. TaxACT also provides its users a highly reliable and robust alerts system to prevent costly mistakes generally caused by omissions or missed opportunities to maximize deductions. Regardless of the TaxACT version and / or platform, all forms are IRS and State approved.

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