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TracFone LG Optimus Fuel™ Helps You Stay Connected With Your Kids

A special thanks to Tracfone for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a phone and service for free in exchange for an honest review!


When my eight year old daughter asked me if she could have a cell phone a few months ago, I laughed and told her she was way too young. Then there was that day I was standing in the driveway waiting for the school bus to drop her off and the bus driver stops to inform me that my daughter didn’t get on the bus that afternoon. I immediately called the school, my heart beating fast and my mind racing a million miles per hour. I called the school and it seemed like forever until they were able to figure out where she was, when in actuality it was probably only a few minutes. It turns out they kept her at the school for an after school program on the wrong day. This was a moment when I wished my daughter had a cell phone so I could have gotten a hold of her instantly. Then there was that time she made it to her after school program on the correct day, only for me to get stuck in traffic and running late. I kept thinking the whole time how panicked she must be with everyone getting picked up and me not anywhere in sight. My daughter having a cell phone would have come very much in handy during that time. As situations such as these ones arise, I can’t help but feel like maybe she isn’t too old. She is still too young to understand the responsibility of making sure not to go over her minutes, text too much or use up the data. I am not quite ready to commit to a full service cell phone for her, I simply want one that can be of use for the basic uses and emergencies. Of course children these days have smart devices in classrooms and at home we have several, so I would want her to stay familiar with that type of device. The new TracFone LG Optimus Fuel™ Android™ smartphone offers parents the peace of mind they need with the fun features kids want.


Important TracFone LG Optimus Fuel Features:

  • Parents can stay connected with their child with TracFone’s unbeatable nationwide coverage
  • Parents can create a safe environment on their child’s smartphone while staying connected by taking advantage of a one-year free trial of the NQ Family Guardian™ parental control app.
  • Parents can monitor and manage their child’s activities, locations and phone usage, including web browsing, app downloads, photo libraries, contacts, text messages and more.
  • All of the child’s smartphone activities can be monitored and controlled from an online dashboard, accessible via any Internet browser on a smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Free access to this service for one year, a $34.99 value, is included with purchase of the TracFone LG Optimus Fuel Android smartphone


I just love how many safety features TracFone provides when it comes to the phones geared towards kids. I can monitor everything on her phone, which means I know how often she uses it and make sure she doesn’t use it more than she is supposed to. The phone is very easy to use and since my children are already quite tech savvy, my daughter had no problem navigating the LG Optimus Fuel. I have had several smartphones over the years and the touch screen on the LG Optimus Fuel works exceptionally well, very responsive! The phone is also sleek, light and can be safely tucked away in my daughter’s school bag or pocket. The phone also came with a great set of SpongeBob headsets so she can enjoy some music or a movie in peace. My overall impressions of the service and phone are very positive, it has given me such peace of mind knowing I can stay connected with my daughter all day, any day!


About TracFone

  • TracFone is one of the largest and most well-known no-contract cell phone service providers with nationwide coverage on American’s largest and most dependable networks.
  • TracFone offers an extremely affordable way to own and use a cell phone in the US with plans with talk, text and data starting as low as $19.99 for 90 days and affordable phones from leading manufacturers like LG and Samsung. There are no overages, no bills and no hidden fees to worry about.



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